Savvy Sleuth Clue: Free 1-Mo Trial Membership Amazon Prime Help: Free Trial Membership.

As of today, if you’ve not been an Amazon Prime member within the last 13 months, you can visit the Amazon Prime Free Trial page to start a free trial of Amazon Prime for one month.

Amazon will ask for credit card info, and they will charge your card $79 for a year’s worth of Amazon Prime IF you do not cancel in ‘Your Account’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘Manage Amazon Prime’  before the end of the month.  Just click  something like ‘Do Not Renew’  in those settings before they charge you, if you don’t want to extend the service and pay the yearly fee.

Another point the Savvy Sleuth would like to point out is that  IF  you order a Amazon Kindle Fire, it comes with 1 month free Amazon Prime included.  If you’ve activated this Free Trial Membership offer, you cannot get the free Amazon Prime with your Kindle Fire.  They don’t overlap and you can’t get the deals consecutively.

So… if you’re not buying an Amazon Kindle Fire, snag this Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership, but do it when it’s advantageous for you.

For example, if you’re going to be starting your Christmas gift shopping on November 10th, don’t start the Amazon Prime Free Trial until that day.  It lasts for 30 days before they charge you, and you’d get your shopping done before that time – if you were as smart as I think you are about free shipping and deals!

Whatever way you snag your Amazon Prime benefits, it’s well worth it.   This is what’s included with Amazon Prime Membership at Amazon: 

  • Amazon Prime includes UNLIMITED FREE 2-day shipping to addresses within the US.
  • No minimum size order – if it’s Prime eligible, it’s good to go.
  •  1-day shipping is only $3.99 an item for the procrastinators among us.
  • Amazon Prime includes UNLIMITED instant streaming video of 1000’s of  TV shows and movies.
While Amazon is likely to keep offering Amazon Prime benefits through Amazon Mom, Amazon Student and with the purchase of the Amazon Kindle Fire, the rest of us just have to jump on the freebies when they show up, and enjoy every minute of it!


Amazon Prime Free 30-Day Trial

It’s now prime time to try out the benefits of Amazon Prime free for 30 days!

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

Amazon Prime Benefits Include:

* Instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes with titles for everyone

* Borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

* Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size

For a limited time you can enjoy aFREE 30-Day Trial of Amazon Prime.

If you love Amazon Prime and want to keep its benefits for 1 year, do nothing and the credit card you have on account with Amazon will be charged $79 for a 1 year membership.

Cancel at any time during that 30 day trial and you will not be charged.

Enjoy Amazon Prime on your PC, smartphone, Kindle Fire HD, iPad, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Roku, Smart TV and other electronics.

Sign-up for Amazon Prime before heading off to college, and check out  the Savvy Sleuth’s College Essentials picks from Amazon, and then get FREE 2-Day Prime shipping on these items with your FREE 30-Day Amazon Prime trial membership!

Why Buy Amazon Prime Membership

I’ve used Amazon Prime in its many forms over the past 5 years – both free trials, and paid membership.

Currently I’m using a Amazon Prime Free Trial for 1 month.

This is a trial that Amazon had previously said I was ineligible for because of previous Amazon Prime membership including: Amazon Mom (Free 3 month membership that is extended for up to 1 year if you buy items through Amazon Mom during the time you are a member), and Amazon Student (Free Prime 6 month and then discounted membership – with edu addresses and enrollment in colleges and tech schools).

Amazon Prime Membership is $79 a year, but you can give it a try for FREE.

Amazon Mom & Amazon Student: Special Prime Memberships

FREE – Amazon Mom 3 Month ‘Try It Out’ Offer

New Amazon Mom members are eligible for a free 3-month period of Prime shipping benefits.  You are eligible if you are a parent (Mom or Dad) or caretaker of small children.


20% off diapers and wipes subscriptions with Subscribe & Save.

FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items with Amazon Prime shipping (not available on Subscribe & Save orders).  

Exclusive discounts and deals for Amazon Mom members: coupons and promotions.

NOTE:  Customers who receive free Prime shipping benefits through their Amazon Mom membership do not have access to all of the benefits that the paid Prime membership provides, including access to Prime instant videos and the ability to share your membership with up to 4 invitees.

FREE Amazon Student 6 Month Offer

As an Amazon Student member you’ll also get six months of FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime on eligible purchases, and will automatically continue receiving Amazon Prime benefits at a cost of $39 a year for up to four years with automatic renewal.

After you graduate or at the end of your fourth year of Amazon Student $39 Prime benefits, whichever comes first, your subscription will automatically upgrade on its anniversary date into a full paid subscription for Amazon Prime at $79 a year.

Why Buy Amazon Prime Membership?

1. If you buy a lot of items from Amazon throughout the year which are sold by Amazon, and not Amazon Marketplace sellers (although some are included in Prime shipping…), it’s worth it.   Items purchased seem to ship more quickly, and once shipped it’s only a 2 day wait to have your items in hand.

2. If you have a Kindle, it’s worth it to be able to borrow (1) bestselling book a month from the Amazon Lending Library.

3. Amazon Prime’s Instant Video, streaming movies, documentaries and TV programs, is ever-growing and filled with favorites! If you’re considering cutting cable and satellite services to save money, this is a great investment in addition to Netfix, HuluPlus and Vudu.  It works well and many items are in HD!

Amazon Prime Membership – Questions & Answers

Amazon Prime FREE Trial Membership Details

Is $79 a Year Too Much for Prime Membership?

Only you know the answer to that question, but for me the answer is ‘no’.

When I look at my last year of Amazon use, I think it’s worth the $79 to me to keep Amazon Prime.

I factor in that I purchase between 2 and 10 items from Amazon each month, own a Kindle  and tablets where I can view both Kindle books and video content, and have previously rented Amazon Instant Videos (2-8 a month for $1.99-$3.99 per rental),  and realize that yearly cost goes a long way in adding enjoyment and convenience to my life.

Amazon Prime Deal For New Members

Amazon Prime Deal For New Members

New Amazon Prime Customers Only

It’s rarely seen anymore, but the elusive ‘Prime Membership Deal’ is currently available on Amazon!

If you’ve never been a Prime member before I suggest you do this to maximize your benefits on this deal.

 1. Purchase the deal: 1 Year Amazon Prime Membership (New Prime Customers Only) – $72 (Reg. $99) it’s found at the top of the page and while considered a gift card, it’s really a code. Set it up to be delivered to you for activation at any time you like. Immediately or in the future.

2. Opt in for the FREE Trial of Amazon Prime (1 Month I think…) to enjoy it BEFORE ACTIVATING your purchased membership. 

Get your FREE Amazon Prime Trial!
3. Right before the FREE Trial ends, go into your Account and opt out and you won’t be immediately charged the usual $99 yearly fee.

To get there, go to the upper right hand side of any Amazon page once you’re logged in, and go to Your Account in the drop down menu.

In the Orders section go to the column on the far right labeled ‘More Order Options‘ and find ‘Manage Prime Membership‘.

This will take you to the area where you can opt-out; found on the left side of the page.

If you have issues, just contact Amazon Customer Service – they are great about this sort of thing and always aim to please the customer.

Hurry if you want this awesome deal as Amazon may pull the plug on it at any time if the response is too hot and heavy.

Remember, enjoy the freebie before you activate your gift card code!

Amazon Prime Membership – Free Trial