Andrea Polk

Freelance Writer, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer, Blogger, and Savvy Sleuth

In 2012 I started this blog as a way to share online deals with friends and family. Since that time I’ve expanded my audience a bit, and continue to enjoy helping others to save money while shopping online.

As a result of my review writing, I’ve been lucky enough to become a Top 50 Amazon reviewer, which allows me to check out lots of new products.

One of my reviews on Amazon for  the Mohu Leaf 50 HDTV antenna, spurred many questions about cord cutting from Amazon buyers who were worried that cutting the cord would be too difficult for them as they were not technically inclined. I saw a chance to write a book, but I never anticipated the unique opportunity that would come from writing it.

To help non-techy types of folks to understand how to cut the cord, I wrote Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV .   Mohu’s CEO Mark Buff  read the book at the urging of one of his employees and he called and offered me the opportunity to contribute to Mohu’s blog which is all about cord cutting.

I love Mohu products and can’t say enough good things about this Made in the USA company that has helped me to save $1200 a year.

My life is a busy one, but when I’m not writing or deal shopping  I like to work out, play with tech-toys, photograph life’s moments, and spend time with my family.


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