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Have you ever loved someone who just didn’t love you back?

Well, that was pretty much what prompted the Savvy Sleuth to go looking elsewhere for ‘Affiliate Love’, and she eventually found it.

This is what bloggers do in an attempt to get their blogs to be self-sustaining, and eventually, maybe even make them enough to buy themselves a mocha once or twice a week.

Of course the whole process of finding affiliates, applying and waiting to hear if you’ve been accepted as an affiliate is a bit daunting, but not hard once you find the right company.

Check out the Savvy Sleuth’s article,   Affiliate Affirmations: How to Become An Affiliate to learn more about the process.



Savvy Sleuth Affiliate Disclosure

The affiliate merchants listed  DON’T…

  • Directly pay the Savvy Sleuth to advertise on this blog, nor require the to place a specific number of ads on the site.
  • Determine which products from their site will appear on, unless the Savvy Sleuth  is using a ‘Deal of the Day’ ad which is merchant driven.

The Savvy Sleuth DOESN’T …

  • Affiliate the Savvy Sleuth with products or merchants she does not believe in, nor would not purchase as a deal herself.
  • Intentionally post any item or service with the intent to deceive or mislead her readers.
  • Spam readers of the Savvy Sleuth blog.
  • Accept payments to write reviews, but is a member of the Amazon Vine Reviewer Program.  Deal items posted  from Amazon, may be items that have been reviewed and found worthy by the Savvy Sleuth.
  • Use any other means than affiliate advertising to monetize the site.

The affiliate merchants listed DO…

  • Enter into a contract with the, and promise to  provide commissions, bonus’ and new customer referral payments to the Savvy Sleuth if readers of the click through advertisements on the blog and subsequently purchase deals on the merchant’s sites.  Affiliate IDs are embedded into HTML  links and ads for the purpose of crediting the Savvy Sleuth with a referral.
  • Provide the with advertising media that is to be used for affiliate advertising only.
  • Have rules for the use of their media, to be followed by the and other affiliates.
  • Choose to affiliate with the and in doing so trust the Savvy Sleuth will represent their brands for the benefit of all.

The Savvy Sleuth DOES…

  • Want the to be a place where online deals and how to find them is the focus.  Savvy Sleuth  uses Twitter, Facebook and a RSS feed to inform about new deals and articles.
  • Hope the readers will click through affiliate links to check out products and services listed on the Savvy Sleuth site.
  • Plan on only aligning the site with reputable, honest companies and people, to share the best online deal information.
  • Promise to continue to do her best to offer up fresh content, and provide clues to deals and relevant information on other sites.
  • Support local businesses where possible.  The Savvy Sleuth is a native Oregonian.
  • Reserve the right to break ties with affiliates that the Savvy Sleuth is not compatible with or no longer believes benefits the long-term goals of the site.

“Thank you for supporting the Savvy Sleuth in her efforts to buy a cup of coffee.”

This Savvy Sleuth  policy is valid from 19 February 2012: Disclosure Policy  



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