Class schedule in hand you head off to the university bookstore and discover all the used books are out of stock, and all the new ones cost as much as a month’s rent. No worries. Amazon eTextbook rentals are available to anyone attending classes on any college campus with immediate download available.

Amazon eTextbooks are a great option for many college students who are embracing eco-friendly digital textbooks or just looking for a sweet deal.  Students who sign up for Amazon Student get additional perks too (like Free Prime Shipping and other student only offers…) that are only available to those enrolled in college with EDU email addresses.

Benefits to Amazon eTextbooks are many!  

  • Easily accessible from many devices.
  • Create flashcards to study on the go.
  • Use multiple colors of highlights for onscreen text.
  • Ultra-fast navigation.
  • Eliminates bulky books to carry.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Immediately available after rental is activated.

7-Day FREE Trial for eTextbooks on Amazon

And if you’re old school and like the smell of ink and the feel of a hardcover in your hand, you can still rent print textbooks on Amazon at up to 90% off with free shipping when you sign up for Amazon Student.


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