New Amazon Prime Customers Only

It’s rarely seen anymore, but the elusive ‘Prime Membership Deal’ is currently available on Amazon!

If you’ve never been a Prime member before I suggest you do this to maximize your benefits on this deal.

 1. Purchase the deal: 1 Year Amazon Prime Membership (New Prime Customers Only) – $72 (Reg. $99) it’s found at the top of the page and while considered a gift card, it’s really a code. Set it up to be delivered to you for activation at any time you like. Immediately or in the future.

2. Opt in for the FREE Trial of Amazon Prime (1 Month I think…) to enjoy it BEFORE ACTIVATING your purchased membership. 

Get your FREE Amazon Prime Trial!
3. Right before the FREE Trial ends, go into your Account and opt out and you won’t be immediately charged the usual $99 yearly fee.

To get there, go to the upper right hand side of any Amazon page once you’re logged in, and go to Your Account in the drop down menu.

In the Orders section go to the column on the far right labeled ‘More Order Options‘ and find ‘Manage Prime Membership‘.

This will take you to the area where you can opt-out; found on the left side of the page.

If you have issues, just contact Amazon Customer Service – they are great about this sort of thing and always aim to please the customer.

Hurry if you want this awesome deal as Amazon may pull the plug on it at any time if the response is too hot and heavy.

Remember, enjoy the freebie before you activate your gift card code!

Amazon Prime Membership – Free Trial

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