Amazon 7″ Fire Tablet 6-Pack Deal

Oh So Exciting! If you’re like me you’re already looking for holiday gift ideas for friends and family and this Amazon 7″ Fire Tablet 6-Pack deal is a great one to order now and stash for later.   How to get the deal… First, go to this... read more
Amazon eTextbook Rentals

Amazon eTextbook Rentals

  Class schedule in hand you head off to the university bookstore and discover all the used books are out of stock, and all the new ones cost as much as a month’s rent. No worries. Amazon eTextbook rentals are available to anyone attending classes on any... read more

Surgeon Simulator iOS App

Looking for a new game for your iPad or iPhone? Surgeon Simulator is one of the bestselling iOS app games you should put on your ‘must have’ list! Great reviews and well worth the low price for hours of fun.  $4.99 - View in App Store  iPhone... read more


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