Cut The Cord With Mohu HDTV Open Box Antenna Savings

Cut The Cord With Mohu HDTV Open Box Antenna Savings

Save An Extra 15% Off!

Now through November 13th you can save an additional 15% Off Mohu Open Box HDTV Antennas with coupon code FALL15.

Whether you’re thinking about cutting the cord with cable or satellite TV, or already a cordcutter looking to add more digital antennas to your home, don’t miss out on these savings from Mohu.

Buying open box Mohu antennas saves you money and is a great way to get the only tool you’ll need to pull in all the available FREE TV over air in high definition with ease, from as far away as 60 miles away!

If you live in a downtown urban area where there are lots of broadcast towers (in Portland, Oregon for example…) you can get over 40 channels with a diminutive Mohu Leaf Metro. If you live in the suburbs, you may want a Leaf 30 for extending your reception range. In rural areas where broadcast towers may be up to 50 miles away the Leaf 50 or Curve 50 are the perfect choice. For those who don’t mind a bit more installation and climbing into the attic, the Sky 60 is worth a look.

Mohu HDTV antennas are simple to setup and use, and give me all the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, PBS) in high definition, plus many other great channels. I’ve been using two Leaf 50’s (formerly the Leaf Ultimate) and a Curve 50 for several years now, and save $100 a month not paying for cable TV.  I can’t say enough good things about this company, it’s customer service or its products.

Cut the cord today and take back the power to enjoy TV on your terms – not those of the cable or satellite TV company.

If you’re not too techy, but want to cut the cord, get my book: Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV  and learn how to cut the cord with your Mohu HDTV Open Box Antenna and save money too!

Here’s a video of one of my Mohu antenna’s in action…

Amazon 7″ Fire Tablet 6-Pack Deal

Oh So Exciting!

If you’re like me you’re already looking for holiday gift ideas for friends and family and this Amazon 7″ Fire Tablet 6-Pack deal is a great one to order now and stash for later.


How to get the deal…

First, go to this page: Fire, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black

Second, put (6) of these tablets in your Amazon cart.  You will need to log into your Amazon account to finish your order and complete the next step.

Third, after logging into your Amazon account, go to your Amazon Cart and in the Promotions box enter the code: FIRE6PACK to get one of the 6 FREE!


In the end you will pay $249.99 with Free Shipping ($41.66 per device) and get 6 Amazon Fire 7″ Tablets


Big perks to this deal…

+ You can add up to a 128 GB micro SD card for a HUGE amount of storage!

+ Front and rear facing cameras with UNLIMITED Amazon Cloud storage for FREE!

+ The Amazon Video app allows you to download Amazon Prime video (with Amazon Prime membership) to watch offline.

+ Mayday helper is included on the device.

+ The price is so cheap, you could conceivably keep all 6 and use them like disposables for less than the price of an iPad mini!


Possible downsides to this deal…

  • Non-Amazon Prime members won’t reap all the possible benefits. (Get your Amazon Prime membership and enjoy unlimited Amazon Prime Music and Prime Instant Video service plus much more!)
  • Only 8 GB of storage (probably more like 5 GB with the OS) really means you will have to buy a micro SD card to have storage on this device, which is an additional cost.
  • Ships with a 90-Day warranty, and an extension of 1 or 2 years is available at an extra cost.
  • Special Offers will pop up on the screen which may bother some users.


Pre-orders are being taken now, with an estimated ship date of September 30th, 2015.  Get your SIX Amazon Fire 7″ Tablets ordered and watch for deals on 128GB micro SD cards to go with ’em!

See all the Amazon terms of this deal by clicking here. 


Backpack Savings at Sierra Trading Post

Extra 25% off $125 or 30% off $200 with code AVAUGUST5! Valid through September 2, 2015. Coupon Code: AVAUGUST5

Amazon eTextbook Rentals

Amazon eTextbook Rentals


Class schedule in hand you head off to the university bookstore and discover all the used books are out of stock, and all the new ones cost as much as a month’s rent. No worries. Amazon eTextbook rentals are available to anyone attending classes on any college campus with immediate download available.

Amazon eTextbooks are a great option for many college students who are embracing eco-friendly digital textbooks or just looking for a sweet deal.  Students who sign up for Amazon Student get additional perks too (like Free Prime Shipping and other student only offers…) that are only available to those enrolled in college with EDU email addresses.

Benefits to Amazon eTextbooks are many!  

  • Easily accessible from many devices.
  • Create flashcards to study on the go.
  • Use multiple colors of highlights for onscreen text.
  • Ultra-fast navigation.
  • Eliminates bulky books to carry.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Immediately available after rental is activated.

7-Day FREE Trial for eTextbooks on Amazon

And if you’re old school and like the smell of ink and the feel of a hardcover in your hand, you can still rent print textbooks on Amazon at up to 90% off with free shipping when you sign up for Amazon Student.