The Savvy Sleuth’s Guide to Free Utility and Antivirus Software Programs That Work



With lots and lots of choices in the ‘utilities’ category of free software programs, the question I get asked a lot is ‘Which ones do you use?”

The second question I get is “Do they work?”

Through trial and error on over a dozen Windows OS systems I’ve found my favorites, and yes, they all work very well.  Be aware that all come with licensing – free, free to try, shareware and buy it.  You want the free versions.  No need to buy something if you can get it for free and it works! ‘Downloads’ area is where I go to get all my free downloads.  I’ve yet to get a nasty bug from them, and it’s fast and easy to look up the software and read a review before downloading.

Here’s a small list of free utility and antivirus security software programs that I use on a daily basis, and that all work very well for me.  The links are to the downloads.  Check and see if your system meets the requirements for the free software, download it and open the file to install it on your system.

 Be sure with any Antivirus software programs that you uninstall previous antivirus software prior to installing the new one, and restart your machine prior to the new install.  

This will produce a clean install, and few, if any problems.  Also, consider downloading CCleaner before an antivirus install so you can use the ‘Tools’ to uninstall your previous antivirus – a quick and easy way to do it.

Here are my favorites.  I hope you enjoy these free software download deals!

System Utilities

1. Glary Utilities – a system utility that cleans up your computer with a registry fixer, shortcut fixer, start-up manager, temporary files cleaner, tracks eraser, and spyware remover.  It also optimizes your computer’s memory, has a file shredder and finds duplicate files on your machine.  There are other perks too, and some of them are already on your Windows machine, but it makes them easy to access and works well for quick clean-ups.

2. CCleaner – similar to Glary in some ways, but I have both on my PC’s as I really like CCleaner’s ‘Tools’ which allow me to see all the programs on my machine very quickly and remove them easily.  It too has a registry cleaner and highly customizable system clean-up with an easy to use interface.  By default the most common things are setup to clean for you, so this one is great for the novice computer user.

3. Easeus Todo Backup Free – a free software program that allows you to easily back-up your system.  Yes, there is a back-up built into Windows, but it’s really slow if you have a large hard drive.  This one compresses files quickly into .zip files, and the best part: it’s user friendly.  Backing up your system should be done frequently, but few of us do it because it’s often a hassle.  This utility deal is free, easy and it works.  Snag it!


Antivirus Software

1. AVG Free – a long standing good choice in free antivirus software.  Simple interface, works and it’s free.

2. AVAST– a good choice for an antivirus protection program, with a few more perks than the AVG one. I like the interface of this program better too, although I’ve used both and they both get the job done.


Malware Protection

1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware protection against yet another cyber stalker: malware.  Most antivirus programs do a good job of keeping this stuff at bay, but some sneak through the net.  By installing and running this program from time to time, you’ll get some extra protection for free.

2. SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition – you’ll get the annoying ‘want to upgrade’ question with this one, but that’s pretty standard with all free software programs.  This one works against spyware, malware, keyloggers (a plus if you use your computer for banking), and other online threats.