Savvy Sleuth’s Favorite Online Deals Forums

Every day people are chatting about their favorite deals in online forums.

These forums are a great resource for deal shoppers because they offer up timely tidbits of information regarding hot deals on products and services, both on and offline.  It’s free information that helps you to snag incredible savings!

You can also find deal discussions, coupons, freebies , product reviews and contests in online deal forums.

online forums

What’s A Forum?

If you’ve not checked them out before, here’s generally how online forums of any type work.

Registered users select from multiple categories on a site’s forum and either create their own post or respond to others.

Registration is free for most forums, but some people choose to be ‘lurkers’ and simply read posts in the forum without commenting. Some sites will lock down their forum content to only registered users, but I don’t find that’s very often the case with deal forums as the point is to share information.

Forums have moderators. This person or a team of people (depends upon the size of the forum), are kind of like cyber police. Enforcing the forum’s policies and helping everyone to play nice. They can remove posts and condense posts into threads with the same theme.

If you want to check out some active, high-quality deal forums, these are my favorites.

Fatwallet Forums  –  Hot Deals is a great one to check every day, but take note of the others too.

SlickDeals Forums –  Check out the ‘Last Post’ column to see what’s going on.

DealCatcher Forums –  Some areas aren’t as active as others, but the ‘DealCatcher’ Deals are worth checking out.

TechBargains Forums –  ‘Hot Deals’ at the top of the page are always worth a look.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Free Training

Microsoft Office 2010 Free Training

I’ve had Microsoft Office 2010 for over a year and sadly, I only feel comfortable using Word and Outlook.

 I have to admit, I am limited in my knowledge of all the programs in MS Office 2010 because much to my chagrin, the information doesn’t come to me through osmosis despite a year’s worth of trying!

My New Year’s resolution this year is  to learn more about this software, and to lose 15 pounds.  Since one is infinitely easier than the other, I decideded to seek out Microsoft Office 2010 free training online.

Microsoft Office for Windows & Mac at Amazon


Free Microsoft Office 2010 Training

At Microsoft they’ve come up with lots of free tutorials on how to use their software.

 Take one at a time, and as much time as you need to complete them.

The best part, they’re free!

 Everything from the basics of how to create a document in Word, to more complicated tasks that require you to find information and enter it in programs like Excel, can be found here.

Each lesson has a series of video tutorials.  You can have your MS Office program open and work along side the video to practice the concepts.

After you’re done, with a series of video tutorials for your version of MS Office, you may want to consider taking MS Office certification exams to boost your resume for potential employers.

If you want to work on these training courses offline click the links below to see the available downloads.

Microsoft Office 2010 Free Training Downloads

Microsoft Office 2007 Free Training Downloads 

Microsoft Office 2003 Free Training Downloads

Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts

MS Office 2010 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Lesson

Use these free tutorials any time to learn more about Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, or 2003 softare.

Get more comfortable using this powerful office suite and open doors to productivity and career advancement.

Transitioning from Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2010 on an Interactive …

Leader in IT and business training solutions, NetCom Learning announces a new complimentary interactive webinar on the topic of Transitioning from Office 2003 to Office 2010. The webinar will be held Tuesday, March 26, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST
Four reasons you don’t need the new Microsoft Office

In other words, you can’t upgrade the 32-bit version of Office 2010 to the 64-bit version of Office 365 and vice versa.” Why? It seems fairly ridiculous Microsoft can’t accommodate customers who are currently running 32-bit Office and want the 64-bit

Savvy Online Deal Information

Savvy Online Deal Information

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Need help finding deals this holiday season?

Are you too busy to shop online, but would if you knew where to find the bargains?

If you’re in need of a little help finding online deal information contact me with a deal request via the email icon, found to the left of this post.

In your deal request message include any important details including the item brand, model, price you’re hoping to pay and other details that are important to you.

The more specific your question, the more specfic I can get with an answer.  

If you ask ‘Where are the best HDTV deals?’ that’s pretty vague and you’ll get an equally vague reply.  If you ask ‘Where can I find the best online price for Men’s Nike Air Max running shoes in a size 10?” – that’s much easier to answer.

When I receive your message I’ll research a bit to see what’s currently available and let you know what I find.

Depending upon the item, when you ask the question and current online promotions and sales, you may score a huge bargain with the information I share with you.

If there’s nothing currently available, you’ll be told that too.  That doesn’t  mean a deal won’t come up, it just means the timing isn’t right for one when you asked the question.

Since it’s FREE to ask, and get an answer, affiliate links will be provided where applicable.

That means that if you purchase a deal through an affiliate link provided to you, the Savvy Sleuth will get a small percentage of your total purchase price in the form of a referral commission –  paid not by you, but by the affilate merchants.

If there’s a deal out there from a merchant that is not affiliated with the Savvy Sleuth, that info will be shared too.  But deals only from reputible merchants will be shared, and if I’m not seeing good ones I’ll tell you that too.

The Savvy Sleuth doesn’t directly sell any products or services, and you always have the option not to use any of the links referred to you.

Bear in mind that despite what it seems like to my family, I don’t sit at the computer 24-7, so if you don’t get an immediate reply, please be patient and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Deal requests will be answered in the order they are received, as time allows each day.

US residents only please, or those in the US military overseas in need of assitance with online shopping for US recipients.

NO credit card or personal information will be requested or required for this FREE information!

I want to help you save money shopping online this holiday season.  If you need help finding online deals or are just super busy and don’t know where to start, this FREE holiday helper service may be just right for you.

Free Kindle Reference and Textbooks

I love Kindles, because there is so much free content for them!

One often overlooked ‘freebie’ for students who own Kindle devices are all the FREE textbooks, reference books and study guides. Primarily geared towards middle school and high school students, these  are a great addition to any student’s Kindle library as an easy reference source.

Kindle owners can download these books for FREE their Kindle library, and then view them on multiple Kindle devices or Android devices and PCs with the free Kindle reading apps.

Kindle for PC Free Reading App Download

Kindle For MAC Free Reading App Download

Save Up to 80% Off Kindle Textbook Rentals

A great idea for any middle school, high school, or home school student, and helpful to some college students as well.

If you are a student, or know one who could use some free reference books for subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Calculus, send them this post so they can pick up their own library of FREE Kindle reference and textbooks.

Free Kindle Textbooks & SAT Guides by CK-12

Books like…

Commonsense Composition – 100% Off – FREE