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The eMusic Plans & Pricing offered start at $11.99 a month and the offerings are based upon the number of maximum downloads per month, with bonus’ offered for most plans.

Billing cycles are every 30 days and your card is automatically charged until you say to cancel.

Note that unused credits don’t roll over to the new billing cycle so you need to use ’em or lose ’em!

All  eMusic songs sync with iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries, to play on your devices.

You can always switch eMusic plans if you find the plan you choose isn’t working for you, and if for some reason you don’t enjoy using eMusic, you can cancel at any time.


Check out eMusic’s FREE 7-Day Trial offer to see if eMusic is for you.

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Check out eMusic radio and audiobooks too!

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Free Apps

Do you want to know what the Top 100 Free Apps are in the iTunes Store right now?

Updated automatically throughout each day, this list gives you access to links that take you directly to the pages on iTunes containing these apps for download.

Check out the iTunes page on Savvy Sleuth to find other ‘Top’ lists for albums, songs, apps, books, and more!

And now for the Top 100 Free Apps from iTunes!

Free SavvySleuth App

Free SavvySleuth App


 Remember the Savvy Sleuth telling you about Conduit Mobile’s FREE app maker mentioned in the Savvy Sleuth’s article:  How to Make Apps for Free?

Well, the Savvy Sleuth used it to make the SavvySleuth – a FREE app for you to access the coupon and post feeds, Daily Deals and YouTube videos from some of the Savvy Sleuth’s favorite merchants.

The Savvy Sleuth’s Facebook and Twitter feeds are also included in the app, as well as some links to favorite blogs,  Groupon,  how to make Deal Requests and more!

The SavvySleuth app is for iPhone, iPad, Windows phones, Blackberry, and Android tablets and phones.   It’s a quick way to check Daily Deals throughout the day, as well as see new deal posts.

It’s free, fun to use and just one more way to keep up with the Savvy Sleuth’s online deal finds.



Scan directly to your device – SavvySleuth App QR Code:

Or go to get the SavvySleuth app info page – here.

Thank you for using the SavvySleuth app, and if you feel like it, click on an ad at the bottom of the screen to support future improvement and sharing of the app.

FYI…  If you make a free app and want to submit it to the App Store, you’ll need to pay a fee to submit it, but sharing it via Twitter, Facebook, email , QR code and word of mouth is free.

For more free and paid Android apps, check out  the Amazon Appstore for Android .

Enjoy your SavvySleuth app on one of these from Amazon…

Savvy Match – Netflix and You

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

I’ve been a  Netflix subscriber for over five years and I love it!  We stream Netfix programming through our PC’s, Wii, and Roku devices, as well as using the free Netflix app on our Android smartphones, tablets and Kindle Fire.

Netflix has become our primary source for movies and we get a  whole lot of entertainment on a lot of devices, for only $7.99 a month after your FREE 1 MONTH Netflix trial.

Try Netflix for free! TV episodes & movies instantly streaming from Netflix to your iPad.

Savvy Entertainment Deal

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription service that streams video content to Netflix ready devices.  Those devices include PC’s, gaming systems, WiFi enabled HDTV’s and DVD players, as well as media devices that capture streaming video such as the Roku.

For less than the cost of a pizza ($7.99 per month) you can get unlimited streaming video to all your devices from Netflix.

That means if you have 10 Netflix ready devices in your possession, you can use 1 Netflix account for ALL of those devices!

If you decide you still want even more movies, you can adjust your account at any time to upgrade to streaming video and also get DVD rentals that go out to you via the mail with no late fees or due dates.

You can switch your account around to fit your needs at any time, so if you find you want to upgrade or downgrade Netflix service, it’s no problem to do so.

6 Reasons to Sign-Up for Netflix

  1. It’s FREE!   You get 1 Month to try it out, risk-free. What do you have to lose?   Start your Netflix FREE trial today!
  2. 1000’s of programming options including movies, TV shows, music concerts, comedy club specials and documentaries are all on Netflix.
  3. Lots of devices you already own are Netflix ready.  Android  smartphones, iPads, game systems, DVD players, PCs, tablets, TV’s, Roku… they all stream Netflix!
  4. There are FREE apps for iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fire, tablets and Android devices for Netflix.
  5. You can cancel at any time.  You won’t want to, but you can.
  6. Several people can be watching different things on different devices at the same time, using one Netflix account.   For example, you can be watching a movie on Netflix on your PC while your kids are watching something else via Netflix on the Xbox 360 in another room – all on the same Netflix account.

If you are looking for lots of bang for your family entertainment buck, try Netflix.  Truly a savvy deal!

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

Netflix-Ready Devices