Savvy Sleuth: Favorite Free Android Apps @ Amazon

 With all the new Android phones and tablets popping up on the market today, new apps for these Android devices are also quickly arriving on scene.  Many, many of these apps are also FREE!

Like most things related to online media, Amazon is on top of it, offering free Android apps every day in their Amazon Appstore for Android  where if you look on the left hand side of the page you’ll see ‘Free Apps’ as well as at the top of the page each day you’ll see “Today’s Free App of the Day” which changes daily.

  The Free App of the Day is an Android app that once purchased – even if it’s free it’s considered a purchase on Amazon – it’s part of your collection of Android apps that can be used on your Android phone and Android tablets including the new Amazon Kindle Fire.

Sometimes the free Android app of the day from Amazon is worth .99, and other days it’s an app that’s usually selling on Amazon for $14.99.  You just never know, so it’s worth a daily check-in to see if it’s an Android app for you.

The Savvy Sleuth loves to hunt for Android apps that are free and these are some of her favorites which she’s using on her LG Optimus V Android phone right now.  Be aware that some of these Android apps may not work on your device.

In no particular order… enjoy free apps from Amazon.

The list of thousands of  FREE Android apps goes on and on, with apps for social media such as Facebook and Twitter, streaming movie apps from Redbox and Netflix, utilities, games, and much more!

The best part… they are all FREE apps and if you don’t like ’em, just uninstall and try another.  More than likely you’ll find more than enough free Android apps to keep you happy and productive on all your Android devices. Kindle Magazines Free 90-Day Trial Kindle Fire Owners Kindle Magazines Free 90-Day Trial Kindle Fire Owners Kindle Newsstand.

With the release on 11/15/11 of the Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon has started offering more Kindle related freebies to lure users into checking out the sharp, fast color display on the Kindle Fire – in hopes of getting you hooked on Amazon services such as the magazines offered by the Amazon Newsstand.

Note:  this free 90-day trial deal is exclusive to Kindle Fire owners.  

If you select one or more of these select magazines from Amazon to enjoy on your Kindle, you’ll undoubtedly be billed after the 90 day trial, but to opt out go to the Amazon main page and look for ‘Your Account’ in the upper right hand of your page and click it.  You’ll need to be signed into Amazon first.

On the Amazon Account page look for ‘Orders’ on the left – the first box – and then scan right to find ‘Manage Magazine Subscriptions’.  It’s not likely to be where they are stored, but it occasionally happens.  If there is no listing for the digital mags there, then go down to ‘Digital Content’ and look for ‘Manage Your Kindle’.

Once in ‘Manage Your Kindle”, on the left hand side of the screen ‘Magazines’ are listed in ‘Your Kindle Library’.  Click it and you should see your digital magazine orders. The magazines should be listed at one of those two spots in your Amazon Account and there’s always an option to opt out.

Kindle media is stepping it up a notch with the release of the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Expect to see promotions for more free Kindle content to designed to highlight its capabilities.  Movies, magazines and apps to make the Kindle Fire burn as your heart’s desire for the holidays.

Kindle Newsstand Free 90-day


Amazon Prime Plus Kindle Equals Bestsellers Lending Library and More

11/2/11: Letter on from the CEO & Founder, Jeff  Bezos 

Dear Customers,

Today we’re announcing a new benefit for Kindle owners with an Amazon Prime membership: theKindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Kindle owners can now choose from thousands of books to borrow for free, including over 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers — as frequently as a book a month, with no due dates. No other e-reader or ebook store offers such a service.

The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library features a wide array of popular titles, including Water for ElephantsMoneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, and Fast Food Nation – plus award-winning novels such as The Finkler Question, motivational books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, biographies and memoirs includingKitchen Confidential, and Pulitzer Prize-winning books like GunsGerms, and Steel.

We’re adding the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library to Prime membership at no extra cost — Amazon Prime remains just $79 a year, which gives you free two-day shipping on millions of products, plus unlimited instant streaming of over 13,000 movies and TV shows.

If you’re a Kindle owner with Prime, you can start borrowing books today. If you don’t yet have a Kindle, our all-new Kindle family is available from just $79.

 We’re working hard to continuously drive even more value for Kindle owners. We hope you enjoy the new library — happy borrowing.
So if you want to give Amazon Prime a test drive for 1 month free and you own a Kindle…  
But don’t sign-up for the free month of Prime if you’ve ordered a Kindle Fire, as that comes with 1 month free Amazon Prime.  Amazon won’t give you back to back free months of service, or have them overlap to extend your free Prime offer.  So if you already have Prime on a free trial or are using it now, that free Prime with the Kindle Fire is lost.   
Whatever way you get Amazon Prime it’s a very good deal for all the ‘free’ you are getting for your money between free shipping, free streaming movies and TV programs and now a free lending library on Amazon.  
For the  $79 a year – if you’re paying for it – or potentially free for Amazon Mom members  and college students for a year, you get a lot of bang for your buck which Amazon just keeps improving upon for Kindle owners.