Savvy Sleuth Clue: Free HBO Cinemax Starz Encore – Live It With Charter Rewards

To get this free Charter deal, go to: and follow the Savvy Sleuth’s deal clues to start getting 6 months of FREE HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, Encore , TMC and or other Charter premium channels by using your Live It With Charter Rewards Points.

How to get 6 Months FREE Charter Rewards Premium Channels:

  1.  Go to and log on to your Charter account.
  2. Look in the upper right hand corner of the Charter page, and check your Charter Points Total.
  3. If you have at least 33,000 Charter Rewards Points – go to step 4.  If not, wait until you do, and come back to snag the Charter Rewards deal.
  4. Click on ‘Choose Rewards’.
  5. Click on ‘Special Offers’.
  6. Mid-page it says ‘More Special Offers’.  Look for ‘Go Premium’ or similar with the channel logos. Click on ‘Learn More’ to open a new page with the free offer.  You should then see a page with info on it offering you a premium channel package (two are bundled together) for FREE with a 33,000 point redemption.
  7. Go to the bottom of the page to accept the free Charter Rewards offer.  When you do this will take off 33,000 points immediately from your Charter Rewards account.
  8. You will receive an email confirmation from Charter to the email account registered with Charter, confirming your free 6 months of service for the channels you have chosen.  The premium channels will be added to your Charter account immediately – free of charge for six months – and will simply stop functioning after six months.  No charges will be added to your account at any time – this offer is free and remains free throughout the duration of the service.
  9. Wait up to 48 hours for premium channel activation.  (It took less than 1hr at the Savvy Sleuth’s house!)
  10. Enjoy Free Charter Rewards premium channels for 6 months!

If you have over 66,000 Charter Rewards points, consider adding two of these free deals at the same time, or wait until one Charter Rewards deal has expired and snag a second deal for more free premium channels.
Be aware that these Charter deals change.  You may luck out and if it’s your first time redeeming Charter points the number of points to do this free deal may be 30K instead of 33,ooo.  The first time the Savvy Sleuth looked at it and didn’t get the Charter premium channels deal, it was for 30,000, but upon return it had increased.
Also be aware that Charter Rewards points expire.  Use ’em or lose ’em!  This free Charter deal is the best one as it gives you free Charter services instead of cheap junk or sweepstakes entries – which are the other Charter Rewards offerings on the site.

Savvy Sleuth Clue Best Forum for Sweepstakes and Contests

OLS HomePage. Online-Sweepstakes is the BEST place online to get contest and sweepstakes leads of every kind.  The Savvy Sleuth has been a member since 2000, and seen it grow over the years into a place that welcomes newcomers and seasoned ‘sweepers’ alike.

“What’s a ‘Sweeper’?”

Anyone who enters contests and sweepstakes on a regular basis, either by mail or online is qualified as a ‘Sweeper’.  Sweepstaking is a fun hobby that virtually anyone online can do for fun and free stuff!

To jump into entering sweepstakes you really don’t need to do anything except sign-up at Online-Sweepstakes and start clicking to read about the existing sweepstakes in their extensive database.  There is a ‘Premium’ membership – paid – that allows you access to even more sweepstakes, but it’s really not necessary to get started.

If you do sign-up, be sure to check the ‘Forum’ for tips, leads to sweepstakes and comradare with other sweepers.  In the Forum folks post promo codes to share and wins to keep you going.  It’s fun… and free!

A cool feature at Onliine-Sweepstakes is that you can add to ‘My Sweeps’.  A feature that lists the current online sweepstakes you’re entering and keeps track of when those sweepstakess expire.  It’s an easy place to check in once a day to enter a bunch of sweepstakes.

“No one ever wins.  Why should I bother entering a sweepstakes?”

First, people win all the time.  The Savvy Sleuth won over $15,000 in prizes in one year!  Trip to Hawaii for 4 for 8 days, a dishwasher and year’s worth of soap, cash… all good stuff.

It’s really, really cool to get that call that tells you you’ve won, but it’s even more of a rush to have the FedEx truck pull up when you’re not expecting it and have them hand you an affidavit to sign – an acceptance of a big prize.

Prizes big and small are great, and if you ‘sweep’ consistently enough, they seem to roll in throughout each month.  It’s a fun hobby, and if you’re doing online entering exclusively, the only cash you are out is for your Internet services which you have already.

The Bad: Taxes

The bad part about winning, and the part you really don’t hear about,  you do have to pay taxes on the big wins.  For example, if you win something valued at $5,000… you may pay as much as $2,000 in taxes.  No kidding!

The point: “Don’t enter any big prize contests unless you really want to win it.”  Sometimes the contest sponsor will work with you on lowering the estimated retail value – which is what the taxes are based upon, not the ‘actual’ value.

Savvy Sleuth Clues to Successful Sweeping:

  • Get a web-based email to use exclusively for entries.  Keeps spam out of your main email box.
  • Enter only those big sweeps you really want to win.  Consider taxes.
  • Read the rules for each sweep to make sure how many times you can enter and to note any age or residency restrictions.
  • Join for the best sweeps forum on the Net.  Lots of seasoned sweepers with great advice are there to help and inspire you.
  • Don’t get discouraged.  It takes time for contests to be processed and prizes given out.
  • Enter ‘skills’ based contests if you possess the ‘skill’.  Writing or recipe contests fall into this category of sweeps.
  • If you enter mail-in sweepstakes the odds are in your favor because fewer people enter them, but it will cost you mailing supplies so budget and stick to it.
  • Check your local stores for mail-in sweepstakes on products and displays.  These often go unnoticed by shoppers, giving you better odds.
  • Never pay to enter a sweepstakes or contest.  Entering is free – anything else is called a ‘raffle’ or a scam!
Winning is a mindset.  Believe you can get tons of free stuff  by entering sweepstakes and contests, and with time… you will.  Enter to win and have fun!

Savvy Sleuth Clue: Free 1-Mo Trial Membership Amazon Prime Help: Free Trial Membership.

As of today, if you’ve not been an Amazon Prime member within the last 13 months, you can visit the Amazon Prime Free Trial page to start a free trial of Amazon Prime for one month.

Amazon will ask for credit card info, and they will charge your card $79 for a year’s worth of Amazon Prime IF you do not cancel in ‘Your Account’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘Manage Amazon Prime’  before the end of the month.  Just click  something like ‘Do Not Renew’  in those settings before they charge you, if you don’t want to extend the service and pay the yearly fee.

Another point the Savvy Sleuth would like to point out is that  IF  you order a Amazon Kindle Fire, it comes with 1 month free Amazon Prime included.  If you’ve activated this Free Trial Membership offer, you cannot get the free Amazon Prime with your Kindle Fire.  They don’t overlap and you can’t get the deals consecutively.

So… if you’re not buying an Amazon Kindle Fire, snag this Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership, but do it when it’s advantageous for you.

For example, if you’re going to be starting your Christmas gift shopping on November 10th, don’t start the Amazon Prime Free Trial until that day.  It lasts for 30 days before they charge you, and you’d get your shopping done before that time – if you were as smart as I think you are about free shipping and deals!

Whatever way you snag your Amazon Prime benefits, it’s well worth it.   This is what’s included with Amazon Prime Membership at Amazon: 

  • Amazon Prime includes UNLIMITED FREE 2-day shipping to addresses within the US.
  • No minimum size order – if it’s Prime eligible, it’s good to go.
  •  1-day shipping is only $3.99 an item for the procrastinators among us.
  • Amazon Prime includes UNLIMITED instant streaming video of 1000’s of  TV shows and movies.
While Amazon is likely to keep offering Amazon Prime benefits through Amazon Mom, Amazon Student and with the purchase of the Amazon Kindle Fire, the rest of us just have to jump on the freebies when they show up, and enjoy every minute of it!


Savvy Sleuth Clues: Finding Free Perks for Parents @ Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom Help Page and FAQ.

New Moms and Dads need all the help they can get and the Amazon Mom Program is available to help.

Simply sign-in to your account and let them know if you are a Mom, Dad, step-parent, family member or other caregiver of a child.

From that information, they offer you special personalized deals.  Amazon Mom members get 20% off diapers and wipes, exclusive offers and the best part, FREE 2-day Prime shipping!

Sign-up at the Amazon Mom:

Your first 3 months of Amazon Prime shipping are free!  With every $25 purchase made in the Baby Store, you earn another month of  Prime 2-day shipping free – up to 9 additional months – or a full year’s worth of free shipping!

Once a member, watch for contests exclusive to Amazon Mom.  You may also be able to share your Prime shipping with family members, so check in your Amazon Account settings under ‘Amazon Mom’ to see if that promotion is available to you.

This is a tremendously helpful program which has become even sweeter recently, as all Amazon Prime subscribers are also eligible for FREE Amazon Prime Instant Videos.

What this means is that if you are an Amazon Mom member with Prime shipping still available to you, you also get free streaming  videos.  Stream the videos to your PC or streaming device (such as a Roku or wi-fi streaming DVD player) and you’ll be enjoying free movies and TV for free.