Why Should You Love Netflix Streaming

netflix streaming

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Netflix streaming offers the best value in home and mobile entertainment out there right now.

For only $8 a month, you can stream great programming to multiple devices with one account.

Movies, documentaries, and now Netflix produced programming, all offer the consumer (you) the option to watch at home or on the go.

How does Netflix streaming work?

You sign up for a FREE 1 Month Trial of Netflix streaming entering your password and basic payment info (to take affect after the 1 month trial).

 Enter your password online and on your devices, to start enjoying Netflix programming streamed directly to your devices including PCs, gaming systems, Netflix-enabled DVD and Blu-ray players, smartphones, tablets and media boxes like Roku, over WiFi networks at home or on th ego.

One account can be shared with other members of your household, provided they have your password and the email address you signed up with on Netflix.

 Enjoy your Free 1 Month Trial and if you love it (like I know you will…) the monthly billing of $8 a month for less than the price of a movie ticket in the theaters, will be happily spent each month on Netflix streaming content.

Netflix will save you tons of money and give your family hours of enjoyment each week!

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Netflix Movies On Streaming That Are Actually Good: 7 Tools To Help You Find …

On these long, cold days of winter — and with the menacing Nemo headed for the East Coast — many of you are probably planning on curling up with a loved one and a laptop to watch a movie or two on Netflix’s streaming section. But once you cycle
Netflix streaming first hour of ‘House of Cards’ for free

You won’t need a Netflix subscription to get started with House of Cards, as the company is now streaming episode one for free. Naturally you’ll need to cough up the regular monthly subscription fee if you like what you see, and with early buzz


What It Takes to Work at Home

work at home

I’m going to work at home. No one else telling me what to do and I’ll stay in my pajamas all day!  

That’s the dream.

 The reality is something else.

If you work at home you generally do something where technology, other people; perhaps a team of people, and other time zones are involved.  You may be lucky enough to set your own schedule, but you also have to meet deadlines  which may mean adjusting your schedule to fit the needs of your client.

Can you do this without brushing your hair?  Sure, assuming you’re not using a webcam or Skype or answering the front door.

Work at home jobs are a luxury in the sense that your office is your home, but that same luxury can become a hindrance to progress if you don’t set and follow a few rules.

The Savvy Sleuth’s 8 Work at Home Rules:

  • Work at Home Rule #1: Set and follow a work schedule, tracking your hours and invoicing those hours in a way acceptable to the client.
  • Work at Home Rule #2: Designate a work space, and keep it organized.
  • Work at Home Rule #3: If working for more than one client, keep projects separated physically if possible, so there is no accidental overlap.
  • Work at Home Rule #4: Be available by phone, email, instant message and video chat to your clients.
  • Work at Home Rule $5: If you’re getting paid it’s work, so don’t ‘play’ during that time.
  • Work at Home Rule #6: Be honest about your availability and other projects, and don’t accept more projects than you can in good faith deliver quality results.
  • Work at Home Rule #7: If you are a freelance, contracted employee, you’re responsible for taking out your own taxes, so bid accordingly.
  • Work at Home Rule #8: Provide your clients with more than they asked for whenever possible, to ensure they will remember you in a positive way and use you again for other projects.
Who works from home and how they do it

Opinion: Allow Yahoo workers to work at home. Make sure you have a voice. Cara Case, 25, works as a human resources representative for a small tech firm that requires her to travel. Since her company allows employees to telecommute, she alternates one

WordPress SEO with Squirrly Plugin


Are you looking for a WordPress SEO plugin that’s easy to use, feature-rich and gets the job done without making you do all the work?

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 If you like it, you have two paid options; billed monthly, for continued WordPress  SEO success with ease.

How Squirrly Works

 Write posts using the Squirrly interface within WordPress to optimize your posts.

Find just the right keyword phrase with Squirrly giving you the stats on current searches for that keyword phrase.

You can also look up related blog posts, Twitter comments, check Wikipedia,  review your own related posts, current related news, and photos to add interest to your posts, and inspiration for even more.

Why Squirrly is Better at WordPress SEO

The Squirrly interface is MUCH easier to use than any other WordPress SEO plugin I’ve used.  It’s perfect for newbies and those who just don’t want the hassle of researching SEO issues.

You get green the more you optimize via their suggestions, so you can see how well you’re doing at a glance.

My blog was using another SEO plugin and remained at 63% optimized, no matter what I did.  I was very frustrated.

Then I decided to try Squirrly.

I installed the FREE 14 day trial, and used Squirrly on  15 posts in 3 days; some new and some former posts were optimized.

Squirrly up my blog’s overall SEO to 69% optimized in 72 hours.

To me, that’s impressive.

Shoeboxed.com - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

 If after your FREE 14 day trial you like it, you have two paid options; billed monthly, for continued WordPress  SEO success with ease.

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If you’re spending all your time attempting to optimize your site or blog for search engines and still finding your pagerank is in the basement, use Suirrly.

If you’re looking for ways to add fresh content to existing posts, or exciting ways to draw in more readers to new posts, use Suirrly.

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If you want to add photos to your posts, but are worried if there are copyright issues, use Squirrly.

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If you want statistics on SEO optimization for your posts, tallied as you write them, use Squirrly.

If you like the idea of adding relevant Twitter posts, Wikipedia info, news stories, blog posts from  yours or other sites, use Squirrly.

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Bing Rewards You for Searching

Bing (known previously as Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search) is a web search engine (advertised as a “decision engine[2]) from Microsoft.

While seeking the best ways to research deals online, I use several search engines.

Bing, a creation of Microsoft, is quickly becoming my favorite for the rewards they offer simply by using them as a  preferred search engine.

Try the comparison test between Bing and Google to see which one you like best: Bing It On!     If your choice is Bing, be sure to sign up for Bing Rewards.


Darn you Bing Rewards for being so good at making me not run searches with Google… #doingitforthefreegiftcards #googleforever

Sign up for Bing Rewards and earn things like Microsoft points, redbox rentals and MORE http://t.co/y0epLFf8aS
A Business Model For Search Ads, Coupons

Microsoft Bing already offers a loyalty program, Bing Rewards. Perhaps there’s a tie-in somewhere. The more consumers click and buy, the deeper the discounts. Merchants and manufacturers that treat consumers with respect find they become the best brand
Bing Rewards comes to Windows Phone 8 | WMPoweruser

The ability to earn Bing Rewards points has now come to the built-in Bing search app in Windows Phone 8, even if Microsoft isn’t speaking about it. Previously in WP7.x, the only way to earn points was to use the