Microsoft Office 2010 Free Training

Microsoft Office 2010 Free Training

I’ve had Microsoft Office 2010 for over a year and sadly, I only feel comfortable using Word and Outlook.

 I have to admit, I am limited in my knowledge of all the programs in MS Office 2010 because much to my chagrin, the information doesn’t come to me through osmosis despite a year’s worth of trying!

My New Year’s resolution this year is  to learn more about this software, and to lose 15 pounds.  Since one is infinitely easier than the other, I decideded to seek out Microsoft Office 2010 free training online.

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Free Microsoft Office 2010 Training

At Microsoft they’ve come up with lots of free tutorials on how to use their software.

 Take one at a time, and as much time as you need to complete them.

The best part, they’re free!

 Everything from the basics of how to create a document in Word, to more complicated tasks that require you to find information and enter it in programs like Excel, can be found here.

Each lesson has a series of video tutorials.  You can have your MS Office program open and work along side the video to practice the concepts.

After you’re done, with a series of video tutorials for your version of MS Office, you may want to consider taking MS Office certification exams to boost your resume for potential employers.

If you want to work on these training courses offline click the links below to see the available downloads.

Microsoft Office 2010 Free Training Downloads

Microsoft Office 2007 Free Training Downloads 

Microsoft Office 2003 Free Training Downloads

Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts

MS Office 2010 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Lesson

Use these free tutorials any time to learn more about Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, or 2003 softare.

Get more comfortable using this powerful office suite and open doors to productivity and career advancement.

Transitioning from Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2010 on an Interactive …

Leader in IT and business training solutions, NetCom Learning announces a new complimentary interactive webinar on the topic of Transitioning from Office 2003 to Office 2010. The webinar will be held Tuesday, March 26, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST
Four reasons you don’t need the new Microsoft Office

In other words, you can’t upgrade the 32-bit version of Office 2010 to the 64-bit version of Office 365 and vice versa.” Why? It seems fairly ridiculous Microsoft can’t accommodate customers who are currently running 32-bit Office and want the 64-bit

2012 Black Friday Game Plan

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

I always make a Black Friday game plan to help me to not lose sight of my budget, and the list of holiday gifts I hope to aquire at the prices I want to pay.

That being said, it’s easy to get caught up in the buying frenzy of 2012 Black Friday, and end up with things that you really didn’t need at prices that may or may not have been the best ones afterall.

Keep your wits about you while doing your holiday deal shopping and remember…

 There are always more deals to come.

Difficult when you’ve just lost out on that iPod Touch 5th generation at $50 Off during an Amazon Lightining Deal, but it’s true.  

I’ll survive… really, I’m OK.

 If you find yourself with 20 items in your cart at checkout, make sure you can pin each of those 20 gift items to a specific recipient.

 If you can’t, then consider putting some things back.

You’ll thank me later.

 Black Friday is one big sale day (Or in Amazon’s case 2 weeks worth of days…) to kick off the holiday season for retailers.

It will not be the only day you’ll find great deals both online and off before Christmas.

 I promise!

  A list and a budget will save you time and money in the long run.

  Make them, and stick to them!

If you’re heading out to the stores, check out these FREE iTunes apps to help you find the best deals.

Most of all, have fun.  Black Friday is designed to get you to spend money, but  frankly, if you’re headed out into the fray, spending time people watching can be the best deal of all!

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week Anticipation

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week Anticipation

Amazon has been doing their Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week with some great offers on electronics, housewares, toys, clothing and footwear.

Expect that trend to continue  in 2 days when Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Week begins, with some tremendous savings possible throughout each day sitewide.

Did you realize this is a ‘countdown’ to a WEEK of Black Friday Deals?

If you think the deals are good now, just wait!

Frequent flyers on Amazon will notice trends in their Black Friday Deals Week offerings.

I buy a lot of sotware, electronics, and fitness related items, so I see a lot of those in my deals.

You can test this one out by doing random searches on Amazon and then seeing what shows up on your main page.  They watch your trends and then offer you more options that fit those trends.

Amazon coundown 111612

Coundown clock at 9:27am PST 11/16/12

Today’s Deals on Amazon

Tips for Successful Amazon Black Friday Deals Week Shopping

Be logged in, have your payment info loaded into the system and ready to go, before you put items in your cart.

You’ve got to be able to move fast online, just like in the stores!

Do your research on items you hope to buy prior to shopping and know if the price is really good before you pull the trigger.

Use Chrome as your browser and get the extension The Amazon Price Tracktor – a quick way to see pricing trends.

If you put a Gold Box or Lightining Deal into your cart, you’ll only have a few minutes to purchase it before it goes back into stock, so be prepared to place multiple orders. 

If you want your items quickly shipped to you as well as Free streaming movies and Kindle bestsellers: Sign up for 1 Month FREE Amazon Prime

Timing is everything when it comes to Gold Box and Lightining Deals on Amazon, but don’t get discouraged if you miss a good one, because you may see it again!

Expect to see the best deals show up at peak times throughout the day.  If an item is a hot seller, Amazon generally offers the same item or a similar one again both during Black Friday Deals Week and sometime before the week before Christmas.  

Put the item into your shopping cart (you have to be logged in to do this…) and then each time you log in you can see price fluxuations (they tell you whether the price increased or decreased).  When it’s at a price you like, you can buy it.  

Most of all, have fun with it and remember that the deals will just keep coming, so pace yourself!

Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week – Deals of the Day

Pre-Black Friday Retail Recon

If you’re not a procrastinator and you like to get your holiday deal shopping done early, Black Friday is made for you!

Preparation is essential, and  it’s important to remember to to your research and be patient in the face of retail hype in order to truly get the best deals this season.

Here’s 7 Retail Recon Tips for  Pre- Black Friday and Cyber Monday to establish a deal shopping attack plan  that’s a savings winner.

1. Check out sites that have Black Friday ‘leaks’ . It’s not really as covert as it sounds as the stores are the ones who leak the news in order to build excitement for their sale items. Some of my favorites for this kind of information are: Fatwallet, DealNews and BFAds.  
2. Make your gift list and decide which items you hope to score during Black Friday this year, and what prices you want to pay for them.  Look at the current ads in your local paper to see prices too. You can also choose an online store Amazon (which by the way has Black Friday deals now…and is a personal favorite) to check pricing. If it’s an item like electronics, you will often find that local stores sell out of the hot buys immediately as they are given a limited number per store, but those items at the same price are still available online.
3. Establish your budget .   Black Friday deals are great, but I assure you, it’s not worth going into deep debt to SAVE 50% Off!  The deals will keep coming both before and after the holidays so take your time and be thoughtful about your purchases.  Don’t bend to the hype if the deal isn’t right!
4. Decide if going out or staying home is the best option.  Each year I toy with the idea of venturing to the stores, but I’m so darned efficient on the computer and the online deals are so good, I never go out on Black Friday despite my desire for ‘the deal’ because I move quicker online than in crowded stores.  It’s simple time management and the desire to easily get to food, drink and the bathroom while I do it!
5. Make educated guesses as to supply and demand. Certain hot items may sell out quickly and become unavailable through the season, except on eBay at twice the price!  Seasonal items like gift baskets, candy, candles, pre-packaged gift sets, gloves, scarves, etc… will all be available AFTER Black Friday and probably at the same prices.  Don’t stand in a line at 3am that’s 10 deep  for socks!  
6. If you’re purchasing a Black Friday deal that will need to be shipped, save on shipping by having it shipped directly to the recipient and pay to have it wrapped. It’ll be cheaper in the long run, and no long UPS lines for you!
7. Focus and relax.   Unless you have no other time to do this and you must complete your mission on Black Friday, you can reduce your stress by doing your reasearch and mapping out your plan for Black Friday.  Even if you’re shopping online, make a list of sites you want to check out.  Take breaks and if you feel like you’re just not gaining on it, stop and reassess your plan.  

You will hit snags with overloaded stores and sites, but take it in stride knowing that with pre-planning you’ve got the tools to succeed, save and have fun too!