Savvy Sleuth Questions Answered

Savvy Sleuth Questions Answered

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 Before Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the race to get all those holiday gifts, I thought it might be helpful to answer a few commonly asked questions about the SavvySleuth.

  1. Do you sell items directly or buy them for people?   No, I don’t sell any items.  The items you see posted on SavvySleuth are items that affiliate merchants have allowed me to share with you.  I choose which deals to share out of the thousands available each day, and share related promotional information like coupon codes and Daily Deals.  No,  I won’t buy any item for you. While I share deal information, and sometimes give my opinion on those deals, the purchasing decisions are all yours.
  2. Do you post affiliate links?  Yes, I do post affiliate links.  They tell a merchant that you just found their site through the SavvySleuth.  When you shop through ads and links on the SavvySleuth, you make it financially possible to keep the blog running.  If you end up making a purchase at an affiliate merchant through an affiliate link,  SavvySleuth gets credit for the sale and a small percentage of your total purchase  is credited to the Sleuth’s affiliate account.   This does not affect your deal price, nor your total price in any way.  AvantLink, Commission Junction, Google Ad Network and LinkShare are the companies I trust for affiliate linking and SellFire for pretty displays. 
  3. Why do I sometimes click on a link that takes me to a product that’s either a different price or out of stock?  The deals posted and displays shown are accurate when posted, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t occasionally click through something and find it’s not the price you expected.  I do my best to keep things up to date, but certain things are out of my control like deal feeds from advertisers which populate the displays.  If you find one is problematic, leave a comment in the box below the post so I can check into it.
  4. Will you help me find a specific deal?  Yes, I will be happy to help you find deals if you let me know what you’re looking for, but this time of year it’s as time allows.  (I’ve got to sleep 4 or 5 hours a night or I just can’t make it through the day!)   I will post the deal search, what I find at affiliate and non-affiliate sites, and share affiliate links where applicable in a post in response to your request.  
  5. Do you post non-affiliate links just to share information?  Yes, I do post non-affiliate links, but I do that on Twitter and Facebook.  So ‘Follow’ and ‘Like’  us to see those!  (Click the links provided or click on the icons up to your left.)


If you have a question and need an answer, please  leave it in the comment box below.


5 Girlfriend Gift Ideas $50 or Less

5 Girlfriend Gift Ideas $50 or Less

The holidays are almost here, and the pressure is on to find girlfriend gift ideas under $50.

What do you want your gift to say to her?

What does the like to do?

Is she an athlete? A movie buff?  Lover of music?

Fun or serious.  Thoughtful or whimsical, your holiday gift to your girlfriend should be something that suggests the warm way you feel about her, without being too practical – unless she’s into that!

Here are 5  girlfriend gift ideas under $50, to spark your imagination.

1. Jewelry – Never overated!  Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and watches are all available from fine jewelry stores like Reeds in their Web Only Clearance section.

When picking the right jewelry piece for your girlfriend, try and pay attention to what she wears most often.  Don’t get her a necklace when she never wears them.  Also think about what colors she likes and metal preferences.  Does she wear more gold or silver?

If the relationship is new, you may want to avoid rings, as they still carry a bit more of a serious inference than other pieces.

Shop at and receive FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $49!

2. Soft and Cozy – Nightgowns, slippers, scarves, hoodies, fleece  jackets, and throw blankets are all great gifts for irlfriends that can be tailored to your special someone.

Again, think about her favorite colors, what she likes to wear and her overall style.  If she likes to shop at a specific store, encourage her to make a wishlist and to share  it with you.

Don’t forget to get her sizes!  Ask her friends and family if you feel awkward about asking her for those stats!

3. Smell Goods –  Bath and beauty gift sets, perfume, make-up or aromatherapy candles all make excellent girlfriend gifts.

 Try to find out if she has a favorite scent like vanilla, and if not, maybe you can sniff out a new one together, and get it for her.

Buy stocking stuffers at – $25 and under!

Gifts of beauty at NORDSTROM. Plus, free shipping and free returns on every order. No minimums.

Shop for Beauty Specials at

4. Do-It-Yourself Gift Basket –   This is my favorite and probably one of the most budget-friendly options, and  it’s easy to personalize it with all kinds of fun items.  Gather several inexpensive items like candy, shampoo, lotions,  DVDs, sports drinks, microfleece socks, earphones, tea, etc… from a local discount stores, and put them into a fun container like a shower caddy, tote bag, or keepsake box.  Consider individually wrapping each item (even if it’s something like a candy bar) so that the opening of the gift is part of the present!   You can have fun with this idea, adding free items like local coffee stand stickers and condiments liberated from your favorite fast food restaurant.

5. Gift Cards –  This one is never a bad girlfriend gift idea, unless your girlfriend insists that ‘creativitiy’ be part of the gift.  In that case, she’ll probably also going to evaluate the face value of the gift card and if that’s so,  you should probably move on and skip the girlfriend gift all together!

Ideal for letting her pick out her own gift, and shipped quickly if need be: Gift Cards – In a Gift Box – Free One-Day Shipping  are perfect.

Other gift cards to consider for your girlfriend’s gift…

Nordstrom A Day of Shopping Gift Card None $50

Office Depot(R) Standard Gift Card Of $50

Best Buy Blue Gift Card $50, $50.00, 1 ea

Aeropostale Traditional Blue Gift Card $50, $50.00, 1 ea

Kohl’s Traditional Gift Card $50.00, 1 ea

Sunglass Hut Gift Card $50, 1 ea

REI Gift Card $50, 1 ea

Apple iTunes

If need help finding a specific deal,  leave a comment and the Savvy Sleuth will see what she can do to assist you.

Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets

I was asked the other day “Why should I ‘like’ the Savvy Sleuth on Facebook?”   My immediate response was “Why not?”,  but admittedly, that was reactionary.

If you spend a lot of time doing something that’s meaningful to you, you’d like it if others liked it too.  There’s ego involved.

Looking beyond ego, there’s also a purpose; to share information with more and more people.

For me, there’s also the desire to learn from others, and build a knowledge base that can be useful to help people find what they are looking for in a timely way.

To ‘like’ on Facebook is as simple as a click.

Most blogs and websites now have Facebook icons (look to the left side of this post to see the Savvy Sleuth’s icons) to allow you to easily check out their pages.

Twitter is much the same way, although some find Twitter confusing.  Admittedly I did at first, but rather quickly you get the hang of it and can follow a lot of interesting people, companies and organizations through Twitter follows.

What I find is that each day I share deal information in at least 3 separate places: this blog, Facebook and Twitter.

 Occasionally I mix in a Pinterest post or two, but I find if I spend to much time there I get lost in all the photos and don’t come out for hours!  Can’t do that and look for deals too.

The deals shared in each place are often different.  So if you’re only checking the blog, and haven’t yet liked the Savvy Sleuth’s Facebook page, or aren’t following the Savvy Sleuth on Twitter, you’re missing out on 2/3rds of the Savvy Sleuth’s shared deals every day!

If you want more deals, just ‘Like’ and ‘Follow‘.


It’s free, easy and takes just a couple clicks to clue you in to even more online deals.

Deciding Factors iTouch 4 vs 5

Deciding Factors iTouch 4 vs 5

I’ve been trying to figure out the true differences between the Apple iTouch 4th generation and the 5th generation models, and found it somewhat tough to get answers instead of just more hype.

The bottom line for me is always about price.

I know that refurbished iTouch 4th generation models are now available  sporatically online at the Apple Store with 1 year warranties, and that those models are $100 cheaper than the  new 5th generation iTouch models of the same size (32GB).

I also know that new 4th generation iTouch models are currently being offered at various retailers (and will be through the holiday season)  with great gift card bonus promotions.

Knowing these things, it’s tough to justify buying a 5th generation Apple  iTouch 32GB for $295 without first knowing exactly what’s ‘new’.

My local stores don’t yet carry the 5th generation models, so the best I could do was to check out YouTube and look at a few videos.

 The video shown below is the most concise summary of the differences that I’ve found, and I hope it helps you decide if the extra cash for the 5th is worth it for you.

What’s New :  Apple iTouch 5th Generation

It’s longer than the previous versions.

Has a larger 4″ Retina display, high-resolution screen.

The camera is 5MP – better for HD  1080P video recording, and clear FaceTime.

Has Siri – she’ll talk to you if you ask nicely… as built into the iPhone.

No 8GB or 16GB versions – 32GB or 64GB iTouch versions are only sizes available.

New docking connection on device will require adapter for previous docks.

Comes with a layard.

7 color choices available – ‘red’ at Apple Store exclusively.

Is the 5th gen’s updated 4″ Retina display screen, 5MP camera, 1080P video recording, and Siri is worth the extra money to you?

To me, it’s cool enough to make me drool.

Is a 5th generation iTouch worth the $100 price bump on a 32GB model?

 That’s still a tough one to answer.

I think I’ll salivate awhile longer before I make my decision.

What do you think?

Leave a comment and let me know if you own  a 5th gen,  tell me what you like and/or dislike about it.