Savvy Sleuth’s Favorite Online Deals Forums

Every day people are chatting about their favorite deals in online forums.

These forums are a great resource for deal shoppers because they offer up timely tidbits of information regarding hot deals on products and services, both on and offline.  It’s free information that helps you to snag incredible savings!

You can also find deal discussions, coupons, freebies , product reviews and contests in online deal forums.

online forums

What’s A Forum?

If you’ve not checked them out before, here’s generally how online forums of any type work.

Registered users select from multiple categories on a site’s forum and either create their own post or respond to others.

Registration is free for most forums, but some people choose to be ‘lurkers’ and simply read posts in the forum without commenting. Some sites will lock down their forum content to only registered users, but I don’t find that’s very often the case with deal forums as the point is to share information.

Forums have moderators. This person or a team of people (depends upon the size of the forum), are kind of like cyber police. Enforcing the forum’s policies and helping everyone to play nice. They can remove posts and condense posts into threads with the same theme.

If you want to check out some active, high-quality deal forums, these are my favorites.

Fatwallet Forums  –  Hot Deals is a great one to check every day, but take note of the others too.

SlickDeals Forums –  Check out the ‘Last Post’ column to see what’s going on.

DealCatcher Forums –  Some areas aren’t as active as others, but the ‘DealCatcher’ Deals are worth checking out.

TechBargains Forums –  ‘Hot Deals’ at the top of the page are always worth a look.

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True or False See Snopes for Answers

Is It True or False?


Are you getting email forwards warning you of impending doom?

Facebook friends sharing status’ relating to changes that you’re not sure are true or false?

 Been bothered by automated phone calls that warn you your credit cards have been compromised?

If any of this has happened to you, you need  to check out Snopes. is the go-to place online for urban myths, legends, scam and online warning info.

Snopes investigates and helps you to know whether something is worth believing and passing on to friends and family, or better sent to the trash.

It’s FREE and a savvy deal for those who want to save time.


snopes logo true or false

Coughing won’t stop a heart attack

Bad advice like the above is often debunked on Snopes. So do a little research when you come across such stuff, even if it appears to quote medical experts. Cynthia Billhartz Gregorian is a health reporter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. She’s also an

I regret being caught in this error

I checked — which I should have done before writing that column — and it states that the GE story was a mixture of true and untrue. It is false that GE moved it’s entire X-Ray division to China, but true that GE moved its X-Ray division


What Is Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon mechanical turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or ‘MTurk‘ is a site run by Amazon where anyone can sign-up to work on HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) or tasks that still need to be done by humans.

Jobs like writing short essays and transcribing audio recordings, are offered up with surveys, online search tasks, and other less demanding HITs.

Workers register with their existing Amazon accounts or directly, and then after approximately 48 hours (if their account is accepted), they can begin working on HITs of their choosing.

Some HITs offered by Requestors (employers) are very quick and pay very little – like a penny a HIT.  With a little bit of searching you can narrow down HITs that pay more, but you may be required to have specific qualifications to put in to complete the HIT.

While the site is run by Amazon, safeguards for workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk are not substantial.  You do risk not getting paid by unreputible requestors, so choose carefully.

If you are using Google Chrome, install the extension: Turkopticon, which once installed (and you’re on the site) will show requestor ratings.  This is helpful for those looking to work for reputible sources.

Mechanical Turk’s site looks very much like Amazon, once you view a HIT.

You complete your work on the Mechanical Turk site, and submit it before the deadline.  Once your HIT is accepted, your payment is placed in your account.

Bear in mind this is a fun way to earn some extra cash, but for most, it won’t be as much a job as a hobby.

 Most HITs are low paying, and there is competition.  Sometimes there are hundreds of thousands of HITs available, and other times it’s slim pickin’s.

Up until recently it was thought that you were working annonymously on Mechanical Turk, but recent reports tend to show that is not the case.

You have to be 18 and in the US to work on Amazon Mechanical Turk, and you may have to take some qualification tests to work for specific requestors.  Despite these things, many will find it a fun and easy way to get some spending money while doing things for pay like taking surveys, answering questionaires and online research.

You are responsible for the taxes on any income earned on Mechanical Turk, but you’re also in charge of how often, how much and on what kinds of HITs you work.

All things considered, why not give Amazon Mechanical Turk a try?

A great example of paid crowd sourcing is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, where any individual with access to the Internet can be paid for performing micro-tasks that take anywhere from seconds to hours to complete. For the more skilled workers, there are