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Crazy Good Lift Ticket Savings – Liftopia

I’m jealous. Out here in the West snow is tough to find, but elsewhere there’s fresh powder.

When you’re finally able to dig out your car (I’m talkin’ to you folks in the Northeast…) head for the slopes and save with AWESOME deals like these from Liftopia.

Trend Setter Sling TV Launching Now

Trend Setter Sling TV Launching Now

A new era in cord cutting and streaming media has begun!

Sling TV is sending out its invites to sign-up and a few reviews are already out to show you a bit more about this cutting-edge streaming media service.

The first video covers Sling TV’s basic features and the second one is more in depth.

To Sling Or Not To Sling?

The crazy thing is, I don’t need Sling TV, but I want Sling TV. Why? It’s new, and I’m a geek. That doesn’t mean I’m a millennial, which is who Sling TV is really geared to entice.

I think Sling TV will also appeal to anyone who enjoys the app experience on their Roku 3, Amazon Fire TV, or similar. I liken it to one-stop shopping or fast food. More and more, we’re all looking to streamline our home entertainment and if we can click a simple app – we’re in!

I’ve been very happy with my  Mohu Leaf 50 antenna and streaming media services from Netflix, Amazon and HuluPlus, and I really don’t want to spend an extra $20 a month one media entertainment.

But I’ll be giving Sling TV a try for at least one month and reporting back.

If you can’t find me…I’ll be in front of the TV.


Groupon Goods Grab – 9/13

Groupon Goods Grab – 9/13

New to Groupon?

It’s easy to sign-up to use Groupon and save big on ever-changing deals on goods, getaways, local deals and more. Signing up is free and the savings is real. 

Here is a sampling of the goods available on Groupon right now!