PC Game Grabs

Amazon has some incredible PC game download deals going on right now. If you’re into PC gaming, you really can’t go wrong purchasing, downloading and playing these hot titles all 50-83% Off!

If you’ve never purchased downloadable games from Amazon before, no worries – it’s really easy.

Log-in to Amazon, go to the links and once you purchase the games they are ready to be downloaded. The prompts to do so are very clear, but if things get messed up (it happens…) you can go into your Amazon Account page and look up ‘Orders’ and then ‘Digital Orders’ to get it squared away.

Remember too that Amazon Customer Service is fast, friendly and efficient. Never any problems and the Savvy Sleuth has gotten freebies from them on occasion when a download didn’t work correctly. Again, don’t worry about buying these game downloads – it’ll be easy and tons of fun playing these PC games.

Spring Clearance at the Outlet


Amazon’s Outlet section has just put a bunch of great stuff on sale at up to 90% Off!

Savvy deals from all of Amazon’s categories can be found clearance priced in the outlet.

Electronics, toys, baby, housewares, books, music, sporting goods… you name it.

Below are some deals the Savvy Sleuth particularly enjoyed seeing for at 50% Off or more, and wanted to share with you.

The Spring Outlet Event at Amazon ends on April 15th, 2012.

Check back daily for the best selection.

Remember, now is a great time to load up on heavily discounted gift items for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations and birthdays.

Shop Amazon Outlet – Spring Clearance Event

In Electronics…

In Kitchen and Housewares…

In Video Games…

Amazon Game Downloads – Deals of the Week – Save Up to 75% Off

In Baby…

Be sure to check out these and the 1000’s of other awesome Amazon Clearance finds in all categories that are 50% Off or more in the Amazon Outlet today.

Antivirus Utilities Software – Up to 81% Off


Take a look at all these utilities software deals on Amazon right now.

Trend Micro, Kaspersky, McAfee and Norton all have utilities software that provides security for your PC, and some for your tablets and Android phones too.

Save up to 81% on security suites for up to 3-PC’s, that run so quietly in the background, you’ll forget you have ’em until they catch a big, bad cyber-bug before it gets you!

Great Deal! 81% Off – Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 – 3 Users

Product Features per Amazon:

  • All-in-one Internet-security utilities solution for protecting you, your devices and your data
  • Cloud technology proactively stops viruses and spyware before they reach your computer
  • Customizable parental controls help keep kids safe online
  • Easy-to-understand user interface; 2 GB of online storage for secure backups
  • Set and forget security–no distracting alerts or pop-ups

The Savvy Sleuth frequently reviews items on Amazon and occasionally updates her reviews after using certain products for an extended period of time.

While checking back this morning on Trend Micro’s Titanium Internet Security, the Savvy Sleuth was stunned to see this great utilities software program for 81% Off on Amazon.

Good for 3-users, this security suite provides superb protection for your PC or Mac and it doesn’t hog system resources.  Really great security utilities protection for most users!

Some other users may have bigger fish to fry, and  may want to increase and extend their antivirus and security protection to their tablets and Android phones.  If so, this product:  Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 – 3 Users (3 PC, 1 Mac)   for 76% Off  is the one for you.

If you just want a simple antivirus program to protect your system, without all the bells and whistles of the others, there is :  Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012 – 3 Users
for 81% Off.  A good choice and simple to use.

Trend Micro products are a long-time favorite of the Savvy Sleuth’s as they provide excellent protection from virus’, malware , spam, etc…, but they also don’t slow your system down or keep bugging you with pop-up reminders to update.  Very quiet utilities, and they work well.

The Sleuth’s second favorite security utilities come from Kaspersky, for the same reason.

Kaspersky, Trend Micro and others have  recently gone to using cloud technology to lighten the antivirus’ load on your system that much more.  It’s tough to believe the utilities are even working, but then you look at your log and see all the cyber-yuck it’s caught and you’re a believer.

McAfee and Norton make excellent antivirus utilities software as well and many of their products are also on sale on Amazon.  (Check the product links below.)

Don’t worry about picking up a product that you may not use for another year.  

The software updates automatically and all come with at least a 1-year subscription that begins when you install the utilities software.  In other words – you can buy a bunch of these on the cheap and use them as you need them, versus updating your subscription online at the end of 1 year.

Just make sure that whenever you install antivirus utilities that you totally uninstall a previous version prior to installing the new one.

Don’t be caught without protection for your valuable PC,  laden with personal information and vulnerable to attack whenever you’re online.  Pick up amazing Amazon deals on antivirus utilities security software today!

All Trend Micro 2012

All Kaspersky 2012

 Up to 81% Off  from Amazon:

Savvy Match – Netflix and You

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

I’ve been a  Netflix subscriber for over five years and I love it!  We stream Netfix programming through our PC’s, Wii, and Roku devices, as well as using the free Netflix app on our Android smartphones, tablets and Kindle Fire.

Netflix has become our primary source for movies and we get a  whole lot of entertainment on a lot of devices, for only $7.99 a month after your FREE 1 MONTH Netflix trial.

Try Netflix for free! TV episodes & movies instantly streaming from Netflix to your iPad.

Savvy Entertainment Deal

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription service that streams video content to Netflix ready devices.  Those devices include PC’s, gaming systems, WiFi enabled HDTV’s and DVD players, as well as media devices that capture streaming video such as the Roku.

For less than the cost of a pizza ($7.99 per month) you can get unlimited streaming video to all your devices from Netflix.

That means if you have 10 Netflix ready devices in your possession, you can use 1 Netflix account for ALL of those devices!

If you decide you still want even more movies, you can adjust your account at any time to upgrade to streaming video and also get DVD rentals that go out to you via the mail with no late fees or due dates.

You can switch your account around to fit your needs at any time, so if you find you want to upgrade or downgrade Netflix service, it’s no problem to do so.

6 Reasons to Sign-Up for Netflix

  1. It’s FREE!   You get 1 Month to try it out, risk-free. What do you have to lose?   Start your Netflix FREE trial today!
  2. 1000’s of programming options including movies, TV shows, music concerts, comedy club specials and documentaries are all on Netflix.
  3. Lots of devices you already own are Netflix ready.  Android  smartphones, iPads, game systems, DVD players, PCs, tablets, TV’s, Roku… they all stream Netflix!
  4. There are FREE apps for iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fire, tablets and Android devices for Netflix.
  5. You can cancel at any time.  You won’t want to, but you can.
  6. Several people can be watching different things on different devices at the same time, using one Netflix account.   For example, you can be watching a movie on Netflix on your PC while your kids are watching something else via Netflix on the Xbox 360 in another room – all on the same Netflix account.

If you are looking for lots of bang for your family entertainment buck, try Netflix.  Truly a savvy deal!

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

Netflix-Ready Devices