Get FREE HDTV with no monthly cable bill with the Mohu antenna

Mohu makes it simple to cut the cord, and with its current 20% Off promo code: BreakUpWithCable it’s easy to save money too!
A cord cutter myself, Mohu antennas are my favorites! I recommend them to anyone who wants to drop cable or satellite TV and enjoy free over air TV.

Find the right antenna for you! Click to enter your zip code and see how you can watch HDTV for free!

If you want to know more about cord cutting, but you’re not really technically inclined, check out my book: Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV.


Get your Mohu cord cutting equipment and then at checkout, put the code: BreakUpWithCable at checkout in the promo box as shown below. Discount is automatically applied to your purchase.


Mohu: Home of the #1 rated Indoor HDTV Antenna


Mohu Channels

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