Day 6 – My Romance with TV

When I was a kid,  Sunday nights were spent with extended family around the TV.

Dinner, dessert and watching Lawrence Welk, Marlon Perkin’s Wild Kingdom and The Wonderful World of Disney on TV, became the norm.

I fell in love with Tony Orlando – forgiving that he insisted on hanging around with Dawn, and discovered the allure of the bad boy in J.R. Ewing while watching Dallas, all thanks to TV.

Television wooed and won my heart, setting  up the love of a lifetime, with only 4 channels via a rabbit ear antenna.

Then cable TV, VCRs, and HBO complicated the relationship.

After a week of over-air TV, I am reminded of why I fell in love in the first place:   togetherness.

At least for me, it’s not about whether I have 4 channels or 400.  It’s about connecting with my family while learning new things, being entertained, transported to another place, and enjoying what I watch when I choose to view it.

Last night I broke down and connected the cable to my TV.

  I happily sunk into my sofa to watch Californication and Shameless.  I’d missed them, but knew I could live without if I chose to do so.

Do I need to cut the cord to cable?


Will I dump my cable TV and go back to Lawrence Welk in HD on PBS instead of watching Dexter? 

Probably not, but it’s nice to know I can if I want to, which is what I truly wanted – an option to say ‘no’ to cable.

Tomorrow I’ll go talk to someone at the local Charter Cable office,  and see if we can’t come to a deal we both can live with before I hand them their cable box.

Is the romance gone?

Stay tuned!

Photo credit: adwriter / / CC BY-NC