For the love of all things Amazon, I’m trying out a new way to share Amazon deals with you. Post a comment to share what other types of deals you are looking for, or would like to see in subsequent Amazon deal posts.

Each day I’ll scour my favorite Amazonian haunts and pull out new Amazon deals to showcase.

All deals shown will be at least 50% Off when posted.

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Note that all prices on Amazon are in a constant state of flux, often dependent upon the demand.

For example if you find a watch at 70% Off one day, you may click on it the next day to find that it’s now 25% Off. This bums a lot of folks out, but the Savvy Sleuth has found that if you really like something and it dropped in price to those levels once – it will again. Be patient and log in to Amazon. Place the item in your cart and check back each day until it drops to the price you want.

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