Since cutting the cord with cable TV, I’m saving $100 a month and I have not missed out on any of the programming I previously enjoyed using cable. I don’t feel deprived at all , and I get the perk of having extra cash in my pocket for the holidays.

So what’s the first step to cutting the cord?

If you want to save money using over air TV, finding the proper equipment is essential. Knowing your location to get an antenna with the proper range is the first step.

Check out to check where the TV broadcast towers are in your area, in relationship to your location.  Once you have that info, you can begin to decide which HDTV antenna is right for you.

A great resource for over air TV HDTV antennas is Mohu. They’ve got quality products that are simply designed, and easy to setup and use. Their blog and forum are awesome resources for new cord cutters!


HDTV Antennas

Because of where I live I need an indoor antenna with a 50 mile range. I’ve tried different kinds but I find that  Mohu HDTV antennas work the best for me at my location.


I use the Mohu Leaf 50 and the Curve 50 to pull in all the available over air TV stations in my area, most of them in 1080i high definition! FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, CW and PBS all look fantastic using my Mohu antennas, which were super easy to setup and look great in my home.


Be set free with the Mohu antenna. FREE HDTV! Save $1,200 per year! Click to learn more.


The BuddyTV app is something that I use in conjunction with my Mohu antennas to give me an easy to access TV guide. The app is free and works well with my iPad.


 Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV

If you’re interested in learning more about cord cutting and how to do it, but feel like you don’t have enough technical savvy, never fear!


In my book: Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV  I walk you through the setup of an indoor over air TV antenna, step by step.

The book was written in response to questions about how to setup and use an over air TV antenna. I also discuss streaming media and how it’s used to supplement over air TV programming.  It’s a Kindle book, but the free Kindle reading apps; see the right side of the book’s product page for links,  allow you to view Kindle books on PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices as well as Kindles.



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