Black Friday 2013 deals are nearly upon us!

That magical time of year when even if we didn’t need a 32″ HDTV and two dozen tube socks, the deals on both are just too good to pass up.

I’ve never been one to trudge out in the cold, stand in line, and make a dive for a Pillow Pet at 50% Off, thus Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer me an opportunity to snag some great holiday savings while still sans make-up and underwear.  I generally go to my desk (referred to as ‘my perch’ by my family…) at about 6pm on Thanksgiving and emerge victorious in my money-saving glory around 4am on Black Friday.  Then I grab a few hours of sleep, and check my haul including the status on orders that may have already shipped.

Black Friday 2013 Deals at Amazon

My experience has been that I can get 90% of my holiday shopping accomplished in a few hours online, giving me time to enjoy the season and saving me some money for the After-Christmas sales!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Black Friday 2013 Deals

In order to stay on track I do a few things in preparation.

First, I check out the deal sites that dedicate all or some of their efforts to Black Friday ad scans. (I’ve put posts up on SavvySleuth to those who have apps I use.)  By looking at these sites I get an idea of the Black Friday 2013 deals I’m likely to see (advertised and unadvertised) and make note of them.  

 Second, I use Google Drive to make my Christmas gift list, a list of online stores I want to visit with notes regarding potential deals with coupon codes or Double Cash Back through Ebates, and I make a form that I use to auto-populate a spreadsheet.

My form has these questions:

1. What store?

2. Who is the gift for?

3. What is the item?

4. What is the regular price?

5. What did I pay for the item?

6. Deals used: coupon codes, buy one get one, etc…?

7. Return policy?

8. Freebies?

At a glance I know what I’ve purchased, who it’s for and how much I spent on it.  I have a link to the form, and can repeatedly make entries as I shop.

Third, I have a budget and I stick to it.  It’s tough when the deals are especially sweet, or pop up like on Amazon throughout the week, but not having a huge credit card bill as a result of this shopping spree is so worth it!

Black Friday deals will be plentiful, and since so many of the deals are online as well as in store, why not stay home and relax while you shop?

 With a bit of planning, you’re sure to get some great gifts for less and still have money left in the bank.

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