Tested to work by the Savvy Sleuth… If you have an Android device – phone or tablet – you need this app!  Go to the Android Marketplace and search for ‘Box’.  The app is free and once installed you’re given 50GB of free cloud storage!

This offer is only good through March 31st, 2012.  You must download and install the app, then register to get the deal.  A notification will immediately pop up on your Android device when you’ve completed your registration, letting you know you have 50GB free cloud storage on through this Android app.

Be aware that if you have more than one Android device and you want to get 50GB of storage for each, you will need to register them separately – after installing the Box Android app – with different email addresses on each device.

This is an amazing deal that comes out just in time for the holidays.  What a great perk for all those new smartphones and tablet PC’s running the Android OS!  It’s like doubling your Android gift to someone when you let ’em know about this great opportunity for free storage through their Android device and the app!

Cloud storage allows you to put your music, photos, and other files on a ‘server in the sky’ to easily access when you need ’em, but not jam up your Android device and take away precious storage on the device.

While the Android app isn’t showing up in Amazon’s Appstore yet, you can go to the ‘Market’ app on your Android phone or tablet to download it for free and get started enjoying life on the cloud.


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