google voice

Awhile ago I wrote an article: Free Long Distance Calls Via Google Talk , otherwise known as Google Voice.

I’ve been using the service for months now and love it for VOIP (Internet calls) using my PC.

Recently I discovered a great device that uses your Google Voice number to give you digital quality calls, using your existing telephone handset.

One of the best features is that the device doesn’t need your PC to be on, to make and receive calls.

Google Voice with Obihai Devices

First, sign up for a FREE Google Voice number (you get to choose its area code … useful for many reasons) and can even choose some of the numbers or a phrase you’d like reflected in the number.  You can have all calls make to your Google Voice number also forwarded to your mobile or home phone.

Once you have your number, purchase one of the following, install it (very easy and quick to do…) and start making and receiving internet calls just like you’d be making via a landline. A super way to save on your long distance phone bill!