easter basket ideas





March 31st is Easter Sunday, and cute Easter basket ideas are all around.





The Easter ‘basket’ can really be any container that you know your gift recipient will enjoy.  I like to choose Easter basket ideas that feature interesting, fun containers that can be used after Easter.  Making them an integral part of the gift!

For older kids that can be something like a gym bag or backpack, and for adults even a recycled shopping tote can work as a fun Easter basket idea when filled with the right stuff.

Whatever you do, make it fun and festive, and a gift you wouldn’t mind receiving yourself.

Let the season dictate the filler for your creative Easter basket ideas.

 If you’re giving an Easter basket to a gardener, fill up a garden tote with flower bulbs, topped by a pair of colorful gardening gloves.

For kids who love Spring soccer, snacks, water bottles, socks and other accessories in a drawstring book bag.

 A cat lover, would be overjoyed to receive a basket full of cat toys and treats delivered by the Easter Bunny.


Here are a few filler and  Easter basket ideas you can find on sale at Amazon right now.

Grab bag assorted 20 pieces cat toys bag

Fiskars 9424 Garden Bucket Caddy

Gladioli large flowering mix – 10 flower bulbs

Lots of Colors! Liberty Bags Small Drawstring Backpack, Light Blue, OS [Apparel] [Apparel]

Toysmith Garden Tote With Tools – Toysmith 2284

I recently visited the Fort Leavenworth Thrift Store and they had several Easter Baskets and other spring décor items on display. However, I was not looking for Easter décor, but for an Easter outfit for my son. I purchased my son’s Easter outfit for
Kids running for Easter eggs. Easter means cute clothes and Easter baskets and way more candy than kids need. Try these fun, Easter-themed activities to help your kids burn off what the bunny brought.