Recently my mother fell and broke her hip. Seeking to find helpful home health aid items for her to use in her recovery, I discovered a few useful gems on Amazon.

One big issue for my Mom was how to wash her hair while she was still in bed.

I found two solutions.

First, waterless , No-Rinse Shampoo. It takes the oils out of your hair and gives it a fresh scent. While it can leave your scalp itchy as you dampen your hair, suds it in and then towel dry, it does what it promises to do.  This product would work well for those who are on backpacking trips too.

Second, an inflatable basin.  You blow it up and use regular water and shampoo to wash the bedridden person’s hair while they lie flat in bed. You do need access to water, shampoo and a bucket to catch the drain off, but it works well.

Another issue was how to keep sheets from staying on an adjustable bed. I bought a Twin Extra-Long adjustable bed off Craigslist, and was using regular sheets on it. I found BedBands which solved the sheet shifting issue with ease!  Purchasing two sets of four, I used them on the corners and sides of the bed. Great gadgets to have on hand for multiple uses.

Grasping things off the floor became easier with the use of this reacher, and spirits were lifted with inspirational wall decals we placed in her bedroom.

You or your loved one’s life can change in a heartbeat, but there are a lot of ingenious items out there to help you make the transition into a ‘new normal’ much easier.

Check out all the helpful Health & Personal Care deals on Amazon and don’t forget to compare prices with the Amazon Marketplace sellers, and consider buying ‘like new’ or ‘used’ from the Amazon Warehouse to save even more.