With most people using mobile devices of some sort, be it a phone, laptop or tablet, the app market has skyrocketed!

Apps do all kinds of things.  Many offer functions like making lists and doing elaborate calculations.  Some are games, and more and more are simply made to share  information.


Why Make Apps?

More and more people are using mobile devices on a daily basis.

The Savvy Sleuth’s informal findings by viewing this site’s Google’s Analytic ‘s  findings, found that on average 77% of the new  SavvySleuth.com users per day accessed  the site via a mobile device!

That’s a staggering number of visitors who could potentially use an app to easily access current deal information.

The desire to make this site better led  the Savvy Sleuth to research how to make apps for free.

Lots of sites came up with things that looked good, but for one reason or another missed the mark.  Then the Savvy Sleuth came upon an article by Roger Cheng, writer for Cnet.com.  The article,   How to Build Your Own App for Free , talks about one reputible company, Conduit Mobile,  who offer a FREE app making service.

The beauty of  Conduit Mobile’s app builder is that you don’t have to know anything about building an app by writing code.

They do all that work for you!


 App Building With Conduit Mobile

While not perfect for everyone, Conduit Mobile’s free app building service is perfect for individuals, businesses, organizations (schools, non-profit, bands…), and blogs to get their information shared via mobile devices.

Adding icons for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is easy and customization is easy.

You can add photos, music, RSS feeds and more!  All this with the option to publish your app to the app stores of your choosing, and options to post links to your app on Facebook, Twitter, your homepage, and share via QR code.

 That’s a whole lot of good stuff for FREE!

How To Make Apps For Free With Conduit

To get started making the free app go to Conduit Mobile  and enter your website or blog’s link.

The Conduit Mobile site will then begin ‘Preparing Your App’, searching for relevant content on your site like Facebook and Twitter profile information.  While attempting to put together an app for the Savvy Sleuth, no content was discovered.  If this happens to you don’t fret, as you’ll have the option to enter that information manually later.

You’ll be taken to a page that says ‘Let’s Get Started’.  It looks like this:

Conduit Savvy Sleuth Build App

Conduit Mobile: Start Page for Building Free App

Next comes the fun part!

You get to design your own app choosing what content to include and how you want it to look with color scheme and layout options.  You can add page upon page of content, and try out your app before it’s even published via links sent to you by email or QR reader code.

Checking your app mid-build is a good way to see what works and what doesn’t.  If you’re not happy with it,  keep tweaking until you are and then you can publish it.

A really useful feature of this process is being able to view your app as it would appear on an Apple device -iPhone or  iPad, Android devices, Windows Phone and Blackberry.  This is great because something that works on one may look really bad on another – so check ’em all before you publish your app!

Regarding advertising, you choose whether to put advertising on your app during the building process.   If you do, you will conceivably make a bit of money when users click through the ads.  You can also choose not to have ads on your app.

Conduit Mobile Savvy Sleuth App Save Pg

Don't Click 'Generate' Until Satisfied With App

When you are done and think your app is ready to be published, click ‘Generate Mobile app’.  You are then set to begin sharing your FREE app!


A Few Words…

The Savvy Sleuth isn’t making any money off throwing you Conduit Mobile’s way, but will be offering the Savvy Sleuth app built by Conduit very soon, and hopes you’ll take advantage of it to stay up to date on clues to online deals for you!


Helpful Conduit Mobile Info

Creating a Conduit App  :   Conduit’s YouTube videos which offer up info on the specifics of  how to make a free app.

Why choose Conduit Mobile to build your FREE app?   :  Explains Conduit Mobile’s perks as a maker and benefits to you as a user of their FREE app building service.



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