YouTube has a lot of great cat videos, but did you know you can use it to sleuth out online savings?

There are thousands of helpful YouTubers offering free how-to and educational videos which can help you to save money both online and off.

Some of the videos remind us to use common sense.

Others are uploaded from reputable news sources and showcase frugality, ingenuity and budgeting.

To find videos related to saving money, you can go right to what’s popular and scroll until you find one, or use the easier method and use the Search box.

TIP #1:  If you are going to do a search you’ll use keywords or phrases, just like you would with any search engine.

As you type what you are searching for, words or phrases which start to populate the drop down menu on YouTube are a good place to start clicking. These are the most often searched for terms and are likely to have videos related to them that you may be interested in.

TIP #2:  If looking to learn how to save money, think both generally and specifically.

Be sure to use words and phrases like savings, how-to, how to find, coupons, deals, bargains or similar for general info, or more specific phrases like how to find free books online to narrow your search.

TIP #3:  If you have a money saving bit of advice you’d like to share, consider doing a screencast to show others.

I did this video to show my mother and her friends how to find, clip and use coupons on Amazon.

There’s free screen capture software that is easy to use with a built-in or external microphone attached to your PC.

In the end you’ll come out with a nice looking video that is easy to share, and will be adding to the treasure trove of savvy savings tips available on YouTube.

“How to Find & Clip Amazon Coupons”: