All 2012 Entertainment Books are 2 for $10 plus FREE SHIPPING!

If you don’t have your Entertainment Books yet, you’re missing out on great savings every day.

Recently I bought mine: Greater Oregon and one for Portland and SW Washington.   In each book I found coupons for major grocery stores, giving me dollars off my total purchase.  I also found coupons for FREE food items at major fast food chains.

Within hours of getting the book, I’d gone to lunch and the book had paid for itself with a coupon for a FREE sandwich at a local eatery.

The 2012 Entertainment Books are filled with coupons for savings on travel, dining, activities and discounts from major retailers.

Despite being the 2012 version, these books have a lot of savings that could be used to help you save a bunch of money right now.

Why not get Entertainment Books today and start saving more on fun, food, travel and Back To School shopping?

Albertsons coupons

Albertsons Coupons: Good Through December 2012

Save on groceries with Entertainment Book coupons, in addition to the manufacturer’s and store coupons you have cut out of your newspaper and store circulars.

Get your Entertainment Book today! Discounts on dining, hotels, and fun!

Fast Food Coupons

Save On Fast Food & Entertainment

Entertainment coupon 1

Coupons Specific To Your Area

All 2012 Entertainment Books are 2 for $10 plus FREE SHIPPING!

Find your own savvy deals, and keep on saving with coupons from the Entertainment Book.

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