Shop Amazon – 2012 Holiday Toy List

One of the best toys for hours of engaging play is Snap Circuits.

This educational toy is easy and fun to play with for ages 8 and up.

Build doorbells, radios, motion detectors and all kinds of cool stuff!

Snap Circuits are extremely safe, with the ‘power’ being provided by AA batteries (not included), not an AC current which could cause an electrical shock.

Kids with an interest in science, electricity or those who like to build things,  will love Snap Circuits!

 My daughter got her first set of Snap Circuits when she was 9, and she still plays with them, even as a teenager.  By playing with them she learned the basics about how electronics circuits work, and and when it came up at school, she was way ahead of her classmates in understanding the concepts because of her exposure via Snap Circuits.

I find the best deals on Snap Circuits are at Amazon.

Each kit provides the user with the Snap Circuits parts and a booklet showing how to complete numerous projects with the included pieces.

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