If ever you’ve wanted a tablet, now’s the time to pull the trigger and pre-order the latest and greatest tablet from Amazon, the Kindle Fire HDX.

October 18th is the launch date for this powerhouse that is promising a lot of cool new features, along with tremendous graphics that produce better than HD visuals, and quad-core processing speeds.

Available in 7″ and 8.9″ screen sizes, this Kindle is a strong contender for Tablet of the Year.

Faster, stronger, better… it’s a winner!


Perfect for those who have never had a tablet before, because at the touch of the ‘Mayday’ button you are connected to a live Amazon advisor who can see your screen (not you) and help you with your Kindle experience.

Another great features of the Kindle Fire HDX is that ability for Amazon Prime members to download Amazon Prime Instant Video content to play later on their Kindle Fire HDX. They don’t have to be connected to Wifi or 4G LTE later to enjoy the downloaded content. A first for Kindle users.

Check out all the specs by clicking through the photo or ‘order now’ above, and pre-order your Kindle Fire HDXto get your device when it launches on Friday, October 18th.