led lights keyboard

LED lights add ambient light, and a cool look to desktop.

Recently I’ve been looking into updating the look of my desk using LED lights for ambient light.

LED strip lighting is one way to do this, with relative ease, on a budget.

With no tools, and a free USB port on your PC, you can add this cool blue accent lighting to your monitor, desk, PC tower or wherever you want it to go on or near your work space.

I liked it over my keyboard, and am considering a second one for behind my monitor, although I prefer white light for that location as it eases eye strain.

This is the product I’m using : Antec Advance Accent Lighting Blue LED 51 Inch Cable

 I like it because it’s relatively cheap ($11 is what I paid), has a manual on/off switch on the cord, and can be powered up and down via a USB port on my monitor and/or PC.  It was a breeze to install with 3M sticky tape on the back of the strip.

NOTE: The LED lights are very intense, and should not be placed in a direct line of sight.  There’s also red if you prefer:Antec Advance Accent Lighting Red USB-powered 6 LED Strip

There are also LED Light Kits at Amazon for home and auto.

These kits usually come with controllers, which allow for light changing color and effects like chasing lights.  But be careful and read the reviews on these.  I purchased one and found it to be cheaply made and electrically unsound.  (Sparks few out of my outlet!)

Creatively used, LED lights can be great for adding accent lighting to your desk or other spaces in your home.

Check out all the deals here:LED Lights on Amazon .

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