pantry organization

Perfect Pantry Organizer


The  DecoBros Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer, Chrome Finish was a great storage solution for me in my pantry. Each rack holds up to 36 cans of the 12-14 ounce size, but the racks are customizable so that smaller cans and even plastic containers of condiments like mayonnaise can be strategically nestled on the racks.

I used these racks on separate shelves, but you can also stack them if you have a taller space. The rack measures:17-1/4″ W x 13-1/4″ D x 13-1/2″ H and is super easy to put together in about five minutes. Six plastic dividers are included to help you make rows appropriate to the cans you have on hand.

One rack is about $25 and you can get it shipped for free with Prime shipping.



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