When preparing posts for the Savvy Sleuth it’s easy to uncover many, many deals at 50% Off or better, particularly at Amazon.

For the 1st of April, the Savvy Sleuth thought it might be fun to throw up a few random deals from several Amazon categories to get you excited.

Feel free to leave comments about what deals you enjoyed.  Let the Sleuth know what other types of savvy deals you’d like to see on the site and from what stores in the future.

Below are the Savvy Sleuth’s ‘No April Foolin” Finds.


Amazon Deals 50% Off or More For the Kitchen…

Amazon Deals 50% Off or More for Yard and Patio…

Amazon Deals 50% Off or More in Sports and Fitness…

There’s literally thousands of savvy deals every day on Amazon, in 100+ categories.

Check out this Savvy Sleuth article: How to Find Amazon Toy Deals 50% Off or More  to show you how to find even more deals on Amazon in every category.

It takes some time, but you can save big bucks every time you shop at Amazon in every category.

Please feel free to leave a comment regarding other types of 50% Off or More deals you’d like to see on SavvySleuth.com from Amazon in the future.