Rosetta Stone 12 Month Online Access – 26 Languages – Multiple Device Access

I rarely get this excited about a deal, but Amazon’s Rosetta Stone 12 Month Online Access for only $199.99 with a BONUS $25 Amazon Gift Card, is exceptionally good.

List Price on Amazon and currently on the Rosetta Stone site:  $299.99 

 Save $100  & get bonus $25 Amazon Gift Card – while supplies last – offer ends 1/31/13.

*See product description for how to add both product and gift card to your order. Gift card price is automatically reduced to $0 at checkout.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn a language on multiple devices including:  iPads, iPhones, iTouch, Android smartphones, Android tablets, Windows PCs, and Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard PCs.

Amazon Description:

This software allows learners to discover language naturally, without memorizing vocabulary lists or translating back-and-forth. It develops listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing through immersing the learner in the language from the start.

Immerse yourself in a new language with the proven Rosetta Stone method, now in the cloud with 12-month TOTALe Online access . This subscription package allows access to Rosetta Stone software from any supported device with Internet connectivity. Through interactive courses, live conversation practice, and an online community, learners can master a new language with confidence.

Included with your order: Product access card, certified ear buds with microphone, quick start guide.

Languages Offered Include:

Chinese (Mandarin)
English (American)
English (British)
Filipino (Tagalog)
Persian (Farsi)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Spain)

** Must choose 1 language from choices above.


Questions and Answers about this product from Rosetta Stone Chat:

Rosemary P: Thank you for contacting Rosetta Stone Support. How can I help you today?

You: Question: If I purchase online access, does this give me access to more than one language, and if so, are their limitations to the time per day, week or month that I have access? Is there a link to find answers regarding Online access?

Rosemary P: No, your account is specific to one language. If you want access to multiple languages, you would have to purchase a subscription for each
You: And only for one user?

Rosemary P: Correct

You: Is there a time limit per day, week or year to study online?
You: Or limit to levels?

Rosemary P: No, when you purchase you get access to all levels of the program and there is no limit on the time you can spend in the program

You: No limit to say 2 – 25 minute sessions a month?

Rosemary P: Yes, that is limited

Rosemary P: I’m sorry, I thought you were asking about the time you could spend in the actual course

You: Is that the limit or is it something else?

Rosemary P: You receive 2 group sessions per 30 days

Rosemary P: that is for Studio sessions

You: I can access on multiple devices, and start where I left off?

Rosemary P: Depending on the language you can access on most mobile devices. Phones do not sync with your program on your computer but iPads do

You: And if I’m wanting to continue online access after the 12 months to continue my studies, will I be given the option to do so?

Rosemary P: It automatically renews for you at $20 per month. You can cancel at any time after that

You: Great! Thank you for your assistance with these questions. I have nothing further at this time.

Rosemary P: Excellent! You are very welcome! I will follow up with an email in case you think of anything else!