For my birthday I received a new toy,  the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Android tablet.  It had been something I’d wanted to try out for several months, but had not purchased myself because I thought it might be too much like a Kindle Fire, which I already own.

What I’ve found is that it’s sort of like having the best things from my Android phone whirled together with my Kindle, and laptop with a sup son of GPS for good measure.  It’s not an iPad, but it’s still great!

The Samsung Galaxy tablet is so fun to own that I wrote a review for it on Amazon which you can read here along with my other Amazon reviews: Amazon Reviews written by the Savvy Sleuth .

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes in two sizes: 10″ and 7″.  This refers to the screen size, but other than the screen size and capacity (8GB or 16GB) they are essentially the same unit.

I wanted the 7″ for the ease in portability.  The 7″ size fits easily into my bag and yet the screen size is still adequate for watching Netflix or using the GPS feature which isn’t dependent upon wifi or 3G – a very cool feature of this one!

Netflix on Samsung Galaxy

Watching SouthPark via Netflix on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in MoKo case


The Galaxy doesn’t have a HDMI or USB port, but it does have Bluetooth which enables you to use wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones or you can use the 3.5mm jack for headphones on the top of the tablet.

I own and like to use these two products with my Galaxy Tab: LG Tone – HBS-700 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset – Retail Packaging – Black/Orange and Skullcandy S2FMCY-063 Full Metal Jacket Headphones with Mic, Blue .  Both work well for listening to music, watching movies, Skype and Google Talk.

Learn more about how to make FREE Google Talk calls in my article: Free Long Distance Calls Via Google Talk –

I like the price point of under $250 for the 7″ Galaxy Tab, and that it has room for expansion up to 32GB.  It’s very easy to load up your 32GB microSDHC card with favorite tunes, movies and photos, and transfer them to the tablet.

247086_TV episodes & movies instantly streaming from Netflix. Start your FREE trial!

The tablet is responsive and fun, and while not perfect, it’s damn good!

Those of us with iPad tastes on a budget, who want to email, surf, Tweet, have a handy GPS, take videos and photos, play games, read our Kindle library, listen to music, watch movies on Netflix, and use cool FREE Android apps from the Amazon Appstore, will love it!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 screen


One thing that I did find when I started playing with the Samsung Galaxy tablet is that doing an update of the operating system: Android Ice Cream 4.0, really helped the speed of the Galaxy Tab 2, and made me happier with the device.

How do you update the operating system on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?

Follow these steps right out of the box right after establishing your WiFi connection,  to get your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 update.

  • Turn on your Samsung Galaxy tablet and let it boot to the home screen.
  • Swipe to get to the home screen.
  • Upper right hand corner touch the checkerboard icon to get to apps, and find ‘Settings’ – touch it to open.
  • Under ‘System’ – menu to left at the bottom – open ‘About device’.
  • Touch ‘Software Update’.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab will ask if you want to do this, warning you it may destroy information on the tablet.  You don’t have any yet – you’re good to go ahead.  If you do, back it up on a microSDHC card prior to the update and remove the card beforehand.
  • Follow directions for update to 4.04 to be installed.
  • The tablet will need to reboot to complete installation and then you’re good to go to add apps.  No apps that were installed prior to the update will be removed.
Once you do this update the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2‘s processes move more quickly and efficiently.  Any subsequent updates to the tablet will be done through this method too, so check it every few months to make sure you have the latest updates to your operating system.


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