The Savvy Sleuth loves sharing great online deals, but at certain times of the year it takes a small army of sleuths to find all the deals that saturate the marketplace – that’s where Black Friday Ad sites come in!

“How to find Black Friday 2011 ads?”

The short answer: ‘You do a Google search and find ’em.’  That yields links to Black Friday ads, but not necessarily the best ones are on the first or even second pages of the Google search.  Why?  Google traffic, how a website is indexed or mapped by the search engine, and how well the site is written to optimize keywords that people are searching for on Google – all come into play.  Popularity of a site does too, but in many ways, the former is more important than the latter.  That’s why a really good site with lots of Black Friday information can show up on the 5th, 6th, or 7th page of a search instead of the first two.  It’s good in terms of content, but the webmaster is not on top of the optimization game thus it’s buried.

How does that information help you?  It reminds you to look a bit deeper and not just go through the first two pages of a Google, or any other search engine’s search results.  It’s also a good reminder to change up your keyword searches.

Keyword searches are what all of us do when we use a search engine to find something.  We may type in something very specific like ‘Find Black Friday 2011 ads online’ or something less specific like ‘Black Friday’, and both are considered keywords or keyword phrases, both getting similar, but not necessarily the same search engine results.

So if you want to find Black Friday 2011 ads,  the keywords and keyword phrases you may want to consider using in the search box include:

  • Black Friday
  • Black Friday ads
  • Black Friday 2011 ads
  • Black Friday 2011
  • Black Friday deals
  • 2011 Black Friday
  • Black Friday sites
  • Black Friday sale
  • Black Friday clearance
  • Black Friday online deals

This list of keyword searches for Black Friday doesn’t contain all the searches you could do, but it gives you a place to start and will give you some good leads.

The Savvy Sleuth’s Black Friday Shopping Advice:   Pick  three or four sites that work for you, and refer to them often in the weeks prior to Black Friday 2011.  Make your gift list and take a look at these early Black Friday ad leaks to see what you’d like to buy and where to find them, then make online price comparisons to current prices to see if those items are truly deals.

Be aware that while Black Friday is a lot of fun and great deals can be had, it’s rarely anything more than the tip of the iceberg to savings. For those of you who don’t mind a bit of procrastination there’s Cyber Monday – the Monday after Thanksgiving – and sales throughout the first three weeks of December that will offer great savings for holiday gift giving.

When is Black Friday?

It’s always the Friday after Thanksgiving, which this year is November 25th.  Many online retailers will offer up early Black Friday sales starting at 12:01am on that date, in hopes of luring you to buy their wares before heading out to the BM (brick and mortar) stores. Many will offer free shipping and may have Double Cash Back, which is something they do for Cyber Monday and on select stores every day. Purchasing through Ebates on any online purchases is smart shopping, as getting cash back in quarterly checks equals even better deals the year round.

Not a member of Ebates?  Click this Ebates icon to sign-up.  The Savvy Sleuth gets a referral bonus, then you can refer people and get a bonus too. Most importantly, you get started on receiving quarterly cash back checks  for all your online purchases made through Ebates.