With all the new Android phones and tablets popping up on the market today, new apps for these Android devices are also quickly arriving on scene.  Many, many of these apps are also FREE!

Like most things related to online media, Amazon is on top of it, offering free Android apps every day in their Amazon Appstore for Android  where if you look on the left hand side of the page you’ll see ‘Free Apps’ as well as at the top of the page each day you’ll see “Today’s Free App of the Day” which changes daily.

  The Free App of the Day is an Android app that once purchased – even if it’s free it’s considered a purchase on Amazon – it’s part of your collection of Android apps that can be used on your Android phone and Android tablets including the new Amazon Kindle Fire.

Sometimes the free Android app of the day from Amazon is worth .99, and other days it’s an app that’s usually selling on Amazon for $14.99.  You just never know, so it’s worth a daily check-in to see if it’s an Android app for you.

The Savvy Sleuth loves to hunt for Android apps that are free and these are some of her favorites which she’s using on her LG Optimus V Android phone right now.  Be aware that some of these Android apps may not work on your device.

In no particular order… enjoy free apps from Amazon.

The list of thousands of  FREE Android apps goes on and on, with apps for social media such as Facebook and Twitter, streaming movie apps from Redbox and Netflix, utilities, games, and much more!

The best part… they are all FREE apps and if you don’t like ’em, just uninstall and try another.  More than likely you’ll find more than enough free Android apps to keep you happy and productive on all your Android devices.