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p style=”text-align: center;”>Now’s your chance to find the best online deal information for FREE!  

Let the Savvy Sleuth know what kinds of online deals you’d like to see posted and she’ll do her best to get them to you.

Electronics, clothing, freebies, food items, tools, sports equipment… pretty much anything (bearing in mind this is a family show …)  will be sleuthed out for you.  

You can do this two ways:

1. If you have something specific that you’re trying to locate online, send the Savvy Sleuth message; Contact button is in the upper left hand side of each page of SavvySleuth.  

2.  Or click the link below to ask a question or make a deal request.

NOTE:  No personal information will be requested or collected.

What kinds of savvy online deals would you like to see on SavvySleuth.com?

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