Even before writing Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV I was keen to learn all I could about products that worked well for cutting the cord, but I found it somewhat difficult to find all those products listed in any one place.
This list is a good starting point for anyone looking to make the break from cable or satellite TV. Products listed here are simple to setup and use, no matter what your level of tech knowledge.


You need a ‘skinny’ TV with tuners inside to translate HDTV digital signals to your screen, after they’ve been snapped up by an indoor or outdoor HDTV over air antenna. Alternatively you can get a digital converter box and use it with your old TV, but a new HDTV is so much nicer!
I’ve had great experiences with the TCL LE40FHDE3010 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV.
This company is the same company that Roku chose for their new TCL 40FS4610R 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (Roku TV) which has Roku functionality built-in. The TCL HDTVs are inexpensive and work as well as any of the big name brands I’ve ever used, making them a very savvy deal!

HDTV Antenna

Your HDTV antenna choice is a key component to successfully cutting the cord.
For me, that started with a flat indoor HDTV antenna from Mohu, the Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna. Using this antenna is what launched me into the cord cutting lifestyle, and made me an advocate for cutting the cord.

I’ve also used the Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna (Certified Refurbished) which works well and saved me some cash, and currently use the Mohu Curve 50 Designer HDTV Antenna with great success.
All of these Mohu HDTV antennas are easy to setup and use, and provide me with excellent over air TV reception in HD from all the major networks available in my area: NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, CW, and PBS.
I have tried other brands of over-the-air HDTV indoor antennas, but found that for my location, these Mohu branded ones work the best.
Depending upon where you live, you may be able to get away with a shorter range antenna than the ’50’ mile ones I’ve listed here.
HDTV antennas like the Mohu Refurbished Leaf 30 HDTV Antenna or the Mohu Leaf Metro HDTV Antenna.

Over Air DVR Streaming Box

This is an amazing Tablo device that allows users to record live programs, and use the power of the internet to view shows on the go!
Tablo DVR for HDTV Antennas, 2-Tuner with Wi-Fi comes in this 2-tuner version or a 4-tuner version, and works perfectly with the Mohu HDTV antennas including the outdoor Mohu Sky 60 Amplified Attic/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount.
This device is ideal for cord cutters on the go as you can use apps to view live and recorded TV on a device like an iPad, and provides an incredible value to those who want DVR functionality and are cutting the cord


Streaming Media Devices

If you have cut the cord and want to nab streaming media services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, getting a HDMI connected streaming media box is the easiest way to get it. Alternatively you can buy a smart TV with the apps already installed.
Check out Best Streaming Media Boxes for Cord Cutters and The Big 3 Streaming Media Services for Cordcutters: Amazon, Hulu, Netflix.
I also really like using the Amazon Fire TV Stick which truly may be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
If you want to learn more on the actual ‘how-to’ of cutting the cord and supplementing your over-the-air TV with streaming media, be sure to pick up my book: Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV and join the legions of happy cordcutters saying ‘good-bye’ to cable and ‘hello’ to great savings without contracts.

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