A new era in cord cutting and streaming media has begun!

Sling TV is sending out its invites to sign-up and a few reviews are already out to show you a bit more about this cutting-edge streaming media service.

The first video covers Sling TV’s basic features and the second one is more in depth.

To Sling Or Not To Sling?

The crazy thing is, I don’t need Sling TV, but I want Sling TV. Why? It’s new, and I’m a geek. That doesn’t mean I’m a millennial, which is who Sling TV is really geared to entice.

I think Sling TV will also appeal to anyone who enjoys the app experience on their Roku 3, Amazon Fire TV, or similar. I liken it to one-stop shopping or fast food. More and more, we’re all looking to streamline our home entertainment and if we can click a simple app – we’re in!

I’ve been very happy with my  Mohu Leaf 50 antenna and streaming media services from Netflix, Amazon and HuluPlus, and I really don’t want to spend an extra $20 a month one media entertainment.

But I’ll be giving Sling TV a try for at least one month and reporting back.

If you can’t find me…I’ll be in front of the TV.


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