user testing

What is user testing?

It’s a fun way to test drive websites and mobile apps, and give feedback on your online experiences, earning a cash reward for doing so. offers you the chance to sign-up for free to be a tester, and then after an initial test (to make sure you’re up to the task), you can begin accepting tasks that are offered to groups of users.

Tests come up at random, and are offered to lots of users at one time via email.  It’s first come, first to snag the job!

If you get there first, and are qualified to do the task, you can begin.

It’s necessary to download a screen capture software and have a working microphone to do the tests.

 You follow on screen instructions and talk your way through your user testing task, which is generally followed by 3-4 questions that require a written response.  Tests vary in length, but should take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Your finished tests are viewed by the clients who designed and requested them, and if they choose to, they leave comments on your performance.  Positive client comments lead to more jobs being offered to you.

After a time doing PC-based website user testing, you may be offered the opportunity to do mobile testing.

You must have a iOS or Android phone or tablet per the user testing instructions, and apply for mobile testing.  If accepted they will send you a webcam they wish for you to use for testing purposes.

My Experience User Testing

My experience with this particular company has been great!

Once my completed test is approved by the client, payments are posted to my PayPal account.

Payments for PC-based testing is $10 per test, with mobile app tests paying $15 per completed test.

It’s a fun way to help out top companies like Wal-Mart, Home Depot and others to improve their websites, and get paid for sharing your opinion.

Sign-up and see if it’s for you!