Recently I’ve taken my own internet security more seriously.
In addition to consistently using good antivirus software (I like Webroot and use this product on my PCs: SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2015 5 Device 1 Year PC …) , doing frequent scans for both virus’ and malware, I’ve signed up for a virtual private server service that gives me access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with encrypted internet access.
Private Internet Access is inexpensive and provides me with an essential layer of online protection for banking, social media and streaming video on my home network. (Being a cord cutter, this is vital to me!)
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Why Do I Need A VPN?

In the simplest terms, using a virtual private server means that I keep my IP (internet protocol) address – unique to my location – private. It makes things tougher for hackers and gives me an added layer of online protection.
For example, If I choose a VPN server in New Jersey and I live in another state, anyone who sees me online thinks I’m in NJ.
As an added bonus, if I want to make my server selection for a country outside my own, I can then access media websites in that country as though I lived there. If I choose a UK server, I can access the BBC iPlayer, while I can’t if I am using a US server.

Without a VPN connection from the US, this is what I see.

Without a VPN connection from the US, this is what I see.


Private Internet Access: Inexpensive & Works Well

After a lot of research I decided to sign-up for a year’s worth of service from Private Internet Access. They’ve consistently impressed me with their virtual private server network’s speed and stability, in addition to their budget pricing.


The download and setup was quick and easy, and my plan gives me a year’s worth of protection for up to 5 devices for less than $40 a year! (They have monthly plans too.)
As an added perk, I’ve noticed that when I use certain servers I get even faster internet speeds than my internet provider says I’m supposed to get with my internet plan, pushing me into ‘gigabit’ internet speeds. A very sweet deal, with consistently fast, stable connectivity.
If you’re interested in checking this service out, click through the banners to read more, and if you sign up, you’ll be buying me a cup of coffee too. (Thanks in advance! 😉 )