wheel of fortune game

This weekend the Wheel of Fortune bus rolled into Medford, Oregon to give locals the chance to try out for America’s favorite gameshow.

My mother, a long time Wheel fan, spent two days standing in line hoping to be selected for the chance to appear on Wheel of Fortune.

Here’s what a little hope and a lot of luck can do for you.

Day 1 –   Wheel of Fortune Hopefuls

Arrived at noon, filled out paperwork and waited with about 3,000 of my closest friends.

It was really cold and windy, but the Wheel crew kept the crowd excited and hopeful.

Boy, they work hard!

Eventually they randomly choose about 40 people’s names from a barrel,  to play 4 mock games.

Not chosen today, but had fun meeting new people.

One sweet girl next to me was chosen and ended up driving me home.

Exhausted by all the excitement, but will go back tomorrow to try again.

Day 2 –  A Second Chance

Still hopeful, and seeing some familiar faces from yesterday, but fewer people overall.

It is really cold outside, so they’ve let us indoors to wait.  

Thank goodness!

Two games down and still my name hasn’t been called.  

I think I’ll go  use the restroom…


They called my name!

I’m in the 3rd game!!

On stage now, and a microphone has just been thrust into my face.

I think I’m supposed to say something.  

There’s so many people here… I know my lips moved, but I have no idea what I just said.

Made it through the game.

I knew the solution, but the guy in front of me won it.

All is not lost.

Apparently getting your name selected and playing the game is enough to be considered for further interviews in 1 to 2 months.

Going home happy!

Want to be a Wheel of Fortune Contestant?

Click HERE.

Wheel Of Fortune contestant-hopefull Vrenda Lee, of Ashland, leads the crowd in a dance why host Marty Lublin looks on during tryouts for the game show Sunday at North medford High School. Photo by Denise Baratta. of 3 clicks used this month
Lee, 27, said he first auditioned for Wheel of Fortune in October 2011 when a friend and he met up with the Wheel Mobile at Chinook Winds in Lincoln City. The show’s scouts came to Oregon to audition local Northwest people to appear on the show for its